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Dayton’s not Dead: Blossom Juicy Bar

Blossom Juicy Bar | Photo by Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

Blossom Juicy Bar is a blooming Dayton business that first opened in 2018. From their first location in Kettering, Blossom has expanded quickly, opening their fourth location in Feb. 2022 located in the Fairfield mall just minutes away from Wright State University. 

Who are they?

Blossom Juicy Bar’s original location is at 2801 S Dixie Dr. Dayton, OH 45409. The Fairfield Mall location is located in the food court near Bath & Body Works and Auntie Anne’s.

A local couple who graduated from the University of Dayton, Victor and Chen Wang, founded the business.


“The traditional boba first originated out of Taiwan,” Victor Wang said. “Traditional boba is made out of Tapioca flour, but people have thought of many different ideas and came up with popping boba, black boba, flavored boba and more.”

Wang suggested Tiger Tea with popping boba for a first-time customer to try. 

According to Wang, what sets Blossom Juicy Bar apart from other boba shops is its secret ingredient: flower essence.

“We don’t want to be known as just a boba tea shop,” he said. “We want to be a company that promotes balance in everything we do. The first part of that is the flower essence.”

Chen Wang practices Sahaja yoga, which emphasizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle and gave her the idea to include flower essence. 

The flower essence is derived from different flowers to release the helpful properties they contain. An example is Lavender, which has been shown to increase relaxation and promote healthy sleep. 

Their Mission

The Wangs stated that their business practices are based around the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and hope that their customers recognize the care and consideration that they put into their products.

Victor Wang believes the growing popularity of Boba and milk tea among the college-age generation is due to the mental association between the calming properties of tea and the need to slow down and enjoy their drinks, which is something he wants to translate through Blossom.

“The ancient ceremony of enjoying tea in Chinese culture is not instant, it takes time. The purpose of the tea ceremony is not to drink tea. The purpose of drinking tea is to conduct conversations,” he said. 


The local manager for the Blossom Juicy Bar branch in the Fairfield Mall is a WSU student and PR chair for the Chinese club, Christina Hawes. 

“We are going to leave a lasting community impact,” Hawes said. “Blossom is a growing business, but we can make a difference. We are even reaching out to the WSU Art Department to put up student art to decorate our shop.”

Blossom Juicy Bar
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