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Dayton’s Not Dead: Coffee Hub

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Coffee Hub | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Xenia’s and Beavercreek’s Coffee Hub is not only a hub for coffee, but for hope and second chances as well.

Coffee Hub Xenia is located at 81 E Main Street and the Beavercreek location is on 3375 Dayton Xenia Road.

The origins of Coffee Hub

Cynthia Stemple, previously a missionary in Ukraine before moving to Xenia, wanted to start her own business. At the same time, One Bistro was looking to add a coffee component to their restaurant. After a phone call and talks with the city planner, Stemple founded Coffee Hub Xenia in 2017. It is located in the same space as Toward Independence, an agency for disabled adults.

Stemple’s business flourished and she opened three more Coffee Hub locations. Since 2017, she’s opened a Coffee Hub in Beavercreek, the Dayton Metro Library and Waynesville.

Each new location has its own partner. Purely Sweet, Waynesville’s pharmacy and the Dayton Metro Library are each partnered with their local Coffee Hub.

“I didn’t ever dream of having coffee shops. I dreamt of having a small business. And coffee is a business God gave me,” Stemple said.

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Coffee Hub | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Staying open during the pandemic

When the pandemic hit, Stemple was quick to keep Coffee Hub alive. She started offering free delivery and adding new menu items such as a cinnamon roll pie.

“One of the great things I think that came out of the pandemic was people were ever aware of supporting local [businesses], and people rallied,” Stemple said. 

According to Stemple, her business grew during the pandemic. Customers could order through Doordash from Coffee Hub Beavercreek. 

Out of the many items available, Stemple says the cold brew is exceptional, as is the chai tea made with their own chai concentrate. 

Katrina Kay wrote a Facebook review about her experience at Coffee Hub.

“Coffee is superb. Gluten free donuts, cookies, bread. I personally tried the buckeye donut. Delicious. Service is kind and genuine.”

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Coffee Hub | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Another review by Darlene L. recommended one of their lattes. 

“I ended up going with an iced almond milk latte with raspberry flavoring. It was fantastic. It tasted like coffee but had a sweet raspberry surprise at the end. Wonderful.”

Out of the variety of pastries and drinks to choose from at Coffee Hub Beavercreek, all are gluten free, something the coffee shop prides itself on. The coffee shop’s gluten free options come from being partnered with Purely Sweet, a gluten free bakery. 

Coffee Hub Beavercreek is a dedicated gluten free space. To ensure this, not only is everything made to be gluten free but employees can’t eat anything with gluten inside the store. 

Coffee Hub is a second chance employer

Another unique aspect of Coffee Hub is the people. Stemple is an advocate for second chances, and her businesses are second chance employers for those who have trouble finding jobs.

Melissa “Missy” Adams is one such employee. A recovering addict, she is now Coffee Hub Xenia’s manager.

“If I had to pick one word [to describe Coffee Hub], I would pick hope. Because we want to be hope to people… whether it’s just from a smile every morning, or [from being] a second chance employer,” Stemple said.