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Dayton’s Not Dead: Enchanted Candle Apothecary

The Enchanted Candle Apothecary

The Enchanted Candle Apothecary | Photo by Caitlin Shatsby | The Wright State Guardian

The Enchanted Candle Apothecary (ECA) offers custom tea blends, metaphysical products and spiritual guidance. 

Products and services 

Founded in 2019, ECA provides a safe space for curious people looking to enhance their spiritual knowledge. ECA sells crystals, tarot cards, custom teas and more. 

Owner Misha K. comes from a long line of hereditary green witches and possesses immense knowledge of herbs. Growing up with this firsthand knowledge has assisted in her ability to help customers find products and blends directed at their specific spiritual needs. 

Misha is open about not being a medical expert and solely seeks to educate people on the spiritual benefits of herbs.   

“We have a couple different groups of people that visit the store: those that come primarily for tea, others who come for herbs for culinary or spiritual purposes, curious people that are interested in what the store offers and others who are members of the spiritual community,” Misha said. 

In addition, tarot readings and spiritual classes are coming in the near future. Updates on these services can be found on their website and Facebook page

Customers weigh in 

Wright State University (WSU) Lake Campus student Katie Trout is interested in paranormal investigation and visited ECA to learn more about witchcraft and spirituality. 

“I got some items that will help me with protection and manifesting a happier lifestyle, like coffin nails and graveyard dirt,” Trout said. 

Dayton residents Paula A. Rodeffer-Hoff and Nicole Marie Potts enjoy visiting ECA. Both Rodeffer-Hoff and Potts enjoy talking with Misha and the calming, positive vibes of the store. 

Potts learned about ECA from her teenage daughter. Her family visits a few times a month and they like the selection of herbal blends and crystals. 

“Visiting the shop has helped me open my mind and find helpful natural ways to address my many health issues,” Potts said. 

Rodeffer-Hoff discovered ECE after visiting on a curious whim after driving by several times. The helpful and welcoming energy is what continues to draw her in as a patron of the shop. 

“It’s so warm and inviting. It has an old-world charm that makes it seem like it’s been there for hundreds of years,” Rodeffer-Hoff said. 

Students interested in visiting the shop are encouraged to visit the ECA Facebook page; closures and general announcements are posted there as well.