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Dayton’s Not Dead: Glo Juice Bar and Cafe

Glo juice bar and cafe | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

Glo juice bar and cafe | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

Glo Juice Bar & Cafe in Dayton, OH seeks to welcome those in the area into a healthier lifestyle by providing cold-pressed smoothies, smoothie bowls and entrees; all 100% vegan and gluten-free and crafted with raw ingredients.  

Healthy living 

Located at 1120 Brown St. in Dayton, Glo Juice Bar & Cafe has been serving locals diet-safe menu options since opening in October of 2019.  

Owner and operator Amy Beaver, who also owns and operates Dayton’s Butter Cafe, says that while The Butter Cafe is a place that encompasses her cravings, Glo Juice Bar & Cafe is a place that you don’t have to worry about feeling like you “cheated” on your diet.  

“The inspiration for Glo comes from who I am Monday through Friday,” Beaver said. “I love to work out and eat healthy foods so it just kind of made sense. The Butter Cafe is more of who I am if I’m indulging.”  

Beaver said that she realized that juicing and making smoothies regularly on your own can be a hassle, and wanted to have a restaurant that could provide smoothies that are healthy and save customers time.  

“I know that there are people who want to have these juice drinks and smoothies, but they don’t want the hassle and cleanup that comes from doing it yourself. I also didn’t want to be like some of the chain juice and smoothie places either. More often than not, the sugar content and ingredients used are equivalent to some milkshakes, and at that point you think you are eating healthy but you really aren’t,” Beaver said.  

Overcoming challenges 

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has shaped and changed locally owned small businesses in ways that were unforeseen.  

Beaver said that telling her employees to file for unemployment at the beginning of the global pandemic was one of the hardest things she’s had to do as a business owner.  

“Being that we had just opened in October of 2019, I had to look for ways to save money and operation costs. I was running the juice bar entirely by myself and just running back and forth between Glo and The Butter Cafe,” Beaver said. “It wasn’t easy but sometimes you’re just thrown into situations and you have to sink or swim. That’s what it felt like at the start, sink or swim.”  

Menu options 

Glo Juice Bar & Cafe’s menu is a culmination of Beaver’s experiences while traveling.  

Customers can order cold-pressed juices in 12 or 16oz bottles, juice shots, smoothies with fresh fruit and a variety of 100% vegan and gluten free entrees.  

Beaver said that the vegan mac n cheese, smoothie bowls and nut milk crafted in house are amongst customer favorites.  

“In the Summer I like to try to get as many local ingredients as possible,” Beaver said.  

In colder months, Glo offers vegan chili, Korean rice and an overall heartier menu.  

Customer experience 

20-year-old UD student Sasha Wyle says that Glo is a place she can stop at on her way home from the gym and loves the atmosphere provided by the cafe.  

“I love the living wall that Glo has inside and the smoothies are really amazing,” Wyle said. “When you want something with sweetness but you aren’t trying to eat unhealthy, it’s a great option especially for those attending UD.”  

Wyle’s boyfriend Glenn Davis echoed the deliciousness of the Glo’s smoothies, and said that the chocolate peanut butter banana is his favorite.  

“I come to Glo a few times a month and I’ve really never had a bad experience. You can taste the freshness in everything you’re buying and that means a lot. Everything is done right in front of you and the process doesn’t take long so you can stop even when you’re in a hurry and get your smoothie,” Davis said.  

To view Glo Juice Bar & Cafe full menu, hours of operation and directions click here.  

Nicolas BenVenuto

News Editor