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Dayton’s Not Dead: New Dayton Activity Bar Features Axe-Throwing

Two Social | Photos by Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

As summer begins, Wright State University (WSU) students may be looking for off-campus entertainment. Two Social promises to be just what they are looking for. 

The owners’ humble beginnings

When Kelsey Calderone and Nathan Omlor first got the idea to open their bar in early 2019, they had no idea how long it would truly take to realize their dream. With the advancement of COVID-19, the bar was not ready to open until the end of August 2021.

Omlor, a WSU Alumni, met Calderone in Florida. After she moved to Dayton, they found themselves in the same situation as many post-college graduates: struggling to make new friends as an adult. 

“After college, a lot of my friends moved on to their jobs, moved on to everything else, and I was kind of still left here a little bit by myself,” Omlor explained. “Didn’t know how to meet new people.”

They started a social sports group, Gem City Social Sports, in 2016. It was a rousing success, featuring multiple sports on different days of the week. But there was still one thing missing. 

“Now after we have these people playing sports, what do they do after? Where do they go?” Omlor said. 

It was then that they got the idea for a place off the field where people could truly socialize and get to know each other. Two Social is not a sports bar but rather a gaming bar full of fun activities to get people talking. 

Axe-throwing and other attractions

The bar’s biggest draw is the series of axe-throwing cages, which take up almost the entire front half of the left wall when you enter the space. Visitors can order from the bar while they axe-throw as well. 

“All of our ax-perts, which is our ax-throwing trainers, they’re all really well trained. They know signs of intoxication, just like our bartenders do. Everything is done in a very safe manner,” Calderone said.

Those who are more interested in the bar aspect of Two Social will be glad to know that the cocktail menu is rotated monthly, and features a large number of other interesting drinks as well. 

Lex Easter, one of Two Social’s “axe-perts,” always has a great time when on shift. 

“It’s really more of a house party vibe,” Easter said. “And drinking isn’t an important part of what we do here, which is really nice.”

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