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Dayton’s not Dead: Speakeasy Yoga

Speakeasy Yoga | Photo by Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

Speakeasy Yoga in downtown Dayton is giving back to the local community by promoting a culture of inclusivity and accessibility in their studio. Yoga class monthly passes start at $40 for the first month, with discounts for full-time students. 

Who are they?

Tori Reynolds opened the doors of Speakeasy Yoga in 2016. As a Wright State University psychology graduate in 2011, Reynolds studied yoga in the area and traveled to different studios across the country for training. She realized she was looking for the ideal type of yoga studio and decided to open her own. 

“I had really been more drawn to the athletically inclined classes, such as hot yoga,” she said. “We built this studio to accommodate 22 heat radiant panels to bring our hot yoga studio up to 90 degrees.”

According to a recent study, Bikram (hot) yoga has been shown to improve lower body strength, lower and upper body range of motion and balance in healthy adults.

Benefits for students

Speakeasy instructor Katie Thimons states that practicing yoga at the studio helps her build strength and refocus her mind. 

“All the teachers here are so thoughtful and creative in building sequences,” Thimons said. “They get you moving in a way that relieves physical and mental stress.” 

Another recent study suggests that grounding techniques and calming exercises increase the quality of life for individuals. 

“Yogic practices enhance muscular strength and body flexibility, promote and improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, promote recovery from and treatment of addiction, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, improve sleep patterns, and enhance overall well-being,” Catherine Woodyard wrote.

Reynolds reflected on her time as a WSU student, and how beneficial yoga was to her during her college career. 

“We offer meditations typically towards either the startup class or the end of class. We all could use those times to slow down and be mindful, especially in college,” Reynolds said. “There is so much pressure and work to be done. Having something like yoga that can bring a little bit more ease and destress into someone’s routine I think would be really lovely for everyone.”


Speakeasy Yoga studio is located at 510 E 3rd Street in Dayton, Ohio with classes at various levels. Classes are offered at a range of beginner to experienced levels, such as the Gentle class, the Strong class, the Simple class and more. 

Classes can be purchased in a single, monthly, or yearly pack. A single class drop-in is available for $16, and only during the first visit, an intro pass of unlimited classes in 30 days is available for $40. The monthly pass rate is available for unlimited classes for $95. 

A full-time student discount or military discount is offered with proof of ID for $4 off a drop-in class and $20 off a 10-class pass.


To schedule a class or check out the calendar of classes available, visit here.