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Dayton’s Not Dead: The Butter Cafe

Butter Cafe | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | Edited by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

Wearing masks and remaining socially distant, The Butter Cafe in Dayton, OH is working diligently to hold their title of the city’s best breakfast.  

Located at 1106 Brown St., The Butter Cafe is open from 9 a.m. through 2 p.m. on Mondays, and from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.  

Offering fan favorite menu options which include eight different varieties of savory breakfast omelets, blueberry pancakes, crab cake benedict or even french toast kabobs; The Butter Cafe serves award-winning meals that keep Dayton students and Brown St. regulars coming back for more.  

“The French toast or spinach and feta omelets have been my long time go-to’s,” said former Wright State student and Dayton registered nurse John Ocampo. “I always look forward to my morning trips there, I need to visit again soon!”  

The Butter Cafe advertises vegan and gluten free menu options, and to show community appreciation, has started delivery service for all orders placed within a three-mile radius. 

Eating local 

Local restaurants and businesses thrive on the support of their communities and citizens continued patronage. 

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, countless restaurants and small shops around the nation have gone out of business or have entered a temporary shutdown.  

Lifelong Dayton resident Casey Voris says that it’s important to remember that shopping and eating locally is more important now than ever before.  

“I love The Butter Cafe’s jelly donut pancakes,” said Voris. “Dayton has so many good small shops and restaurants, and supporting these businesses is very important especially with the financial hardships and strains that our community is going through during the coronavirus. These are people in our communities who need our patronage, as safe as we can possibly give it.” 

Supporting other local businesses 

When then sous chef Isiah Davis first wanted to begin his journey on the path to create a cookie empire in Dayton, he had the recipes, desire, and will-power to do so but lacked the physical space to bake his sweet treats.  

Through an introduction brought on by a mutual colleague, Davis met The Butter Cafe owner Amy Beaver, and a business relationship was formed shortly thereafter.  

“Amy and I had a mutual contact to whom I had mentioned some ideas about The Cookie Joint and wanting to start my business,” Davis said. “We set up a time to meet a few days later for the first time and before I could even get two words out she asked me when I wanted to start. It says a lot about her character as a person for believing in what I do and I thank her for giving me a chance.”  

The Cookie Joint, which operates inside of The Butter Cafe during non-operation hours, serves oven-fresh cookies to patrons by way of Cafe equipment.  

“The Butter Cafe has given me the basic needs to start my business, which makes my job extremely easy,” Davis said. “It takes a lot of stress off of my plate. I can come in and do my thing without having to worry about the nuances and everything that comes along with owning your own establishment. I’m forever grateful for everything they have provided me with and the support I receive from Amy and her business.” 

For a complete breakfast, lunch, drinks and desserts menu visit: or visit The Butter Cafe on Instagram @thebuttercafe.  

The Butter Cafe was contacted for a feature in this article, but was unable to provide a comment at this time.  

Nicolas BenVenuto

News Editor

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