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De-stress before the test: Your guide to exam prep

As exam week approaches and students go into exam mode, crunch time for studying followed by even more studying creates immense amounts of unwanted stress.

The same vicious cycle keeps students up at night and up all day, resulting in minimal sleep and missing meals.  

In preparation for exams, the need to take care of students’ overall health seems to deteriorate as grades become more of a priority.  

Prepping for exams: Mentally

“It’s important for us students not to overreact and go into panic mode, which is our first instincts when we feel overwhelmed,” said Seth Hohlbein, director of Accessibility, Health, and Safety.  

Continuing to take time for themselves and not sacrifice their overall health just to satisfy grades and expectations needs to become a realization.  

Healthy coping mechanisms tend to go unnoticed during this time. Taking the time to explore these options may save someone’s mental health as well as improve test scores.  

“I also believe students should keep in mind that a low level of stress can actually be beneficial [and] keeping your stress levels to a minimum can maximize your productiveness,” said Hohlbein.  

Staying ahead when it comes to study habits and planning accordingly for your upcoming exams will help keep students collected.  

“Make a to-do list for each day of the week, or only work on a class for a certain amount of time, but do not let the end of the semester take away from your sanity,” said Taylor Titer, director of campus events for the University Activities Board (UAB).  

Need a distraction from the books?

Several de-stressing events are being held on campus over the next few weeks to help reduce the impact on students.  

UAB is hosting a de-stressing event that provides a variety of activities that are used to fit student needs so that they can relax or act out.

The event will be held Dec. 4 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union lower atrium and Rathskeller.  

The libraries are hosting “De-stress for Success” from Dec. 2-12 anytime the library is open.

Meditation stations, study sessions and coloring are just some of the activities provided for all students and staff.  

“That is the great aspect about different organizations putting on these events on campus and promoting not letting stress get the best of us,” said Hohlbein.