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Dining on Campus: Differences this Fall

Student Union food court | Photo by Michael Krieger | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State’s Hospitality Service, Chartwells, is working hard to implement new safety protocols while also using pre-existing services to allow faculty, staff and students to dine safely.


With the uncertainty of the virus, Chartwells has created a plan to open for all scenarios.

“Whether we are in a tier one or tier three scenario, we have planned to ensure that, no matter what, we will be able to safely provide dining services to the campus community,” said Nicholas Paige, marketing director, and other Chartwells members.

Familiar Dining Experience

Chartwells is making sure that they operate safely while providing as close to a similar dining experience as always to their customers.

“By and large more things on the food service side of things will remain the same,” said Paige. “I would say more things will be remaining the same rather than changing.”

Customers will still be able to use services that have already been in place to order their food safely like GrubHub, at many food locations on campus.

“We are also currently looking into other options to expand mobile ordering,” said Paige.

It is strongly recommended that customers pay with a card if possible to ensure a safer transaction.

“Additionally, all of our locations are able to take contactless payment with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay,” said Paige.

At this point, there have been no closures of any dining locations on campus or any big changes that normally would not occur before the start of a new semester.

“Every semester we take a look at the variety of dining options on campus and evaluate them,” said Paige. “This semester is no different in that regard.”

Visible Changes

Dining services will be following all protocols and recommendations including Wright State’s protocols.

“Wright State has taken care of the seating arrangements and has limited the number of tables and seats to ensure social distancing and ensure the safety of the community,” said Paige.

Customers will also see visible changes that they should be familiar with seeing in other public places such as floor stickers to mark six feet of distance.

“Most of the changes will come from the operation or logistical side like mentioned before, the floor stickers, limiting guests, plexiglass shields and more,” said Paige.

All dining locations will be controlling the amount of customers inside each location.

“We will limit the number of customers who can enter the dining locations and have one-way-in and one-way-out traffic flow, all of which are for the safety of the customers,” said Paige.

Wright States Hospitality Service, Chartwells, is making sure they are prepared this fall to serve customers safely and provide a similar dining experience.

*Information included in this article was communicated from Nicholas Paige with contributions from other Chartwells members.