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Event Organization Continues Planning Despite Struggles in Campus Involvement

WWSU Radio Station | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Turntables at WWSU | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s event planning organization continues to host events like Battle of the DJ’s, a postponed homecoming activity, despite struggling with attendance numbers. 

The delay

Originally scheduled for Jan. 25, the event was finally able to resume on March 7.  

Faith Thompson, University Activities Board, director of campus spirit, explained that the organization originally scheduled Battle of the DJs for homecoming week but postponed due to a snow storm. 

“We were worried there wouldn’t be a lot of people on campus because a lot of professors had put class online and there wouldn’t be a great turnout,” Thompson said. 

A low turnout 

Despite postponing the event to avoid a low number of attendees, UAB faced the same problem at a later date, according to Qunijah Echols, the president of UAB. 

“We had the same problem tonight, we’ve tried to increase the turnout. There were a lot of different events tonight, unfortunately,” Echols said. 

Echols also explained UAB’s plans to start tailoring events to students’ schedules to boost the turnout. 

“As an organization, we need to figure out which time fits students’ schedules. Usually, we’ve been holding events around 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and they don’t have the best turnouts. This could be as Wright State is a commuter school, so we will look to hold events around a time that suits commuter students,” Echols said.

The battle

Thompson expressed the process behind organizing the event, communicating with all members of the executive board of UAB.

“Our whole [executive] board worked together to put this event together. I had the idea originally when I was planning homecoming week. I wanted something different, something fun where you could have a good time while still being competitive,” Thompson expressed.

The Battle of the DJs event was an event for friends to go head-to-head, maintain competitiveness and let the crowd decide the better DJ, according to Thompson. 

The battle spanned over two hours with non-stop DJing, where UAB members alternated between taking breaks and leading the event. Approximately 10 students, including DJs, were present.

Upcoming UAB events

Echols communicated some smaller events from UAB leading up to April Craze, the biggest UAB event of the academic year, including a tie-dye event and a visit from comedian Caleb Elliott.

For more information on upcoming UAB events, visit the organization’s Engage page