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Faculty Spotlight: Megan Faragher

Megan Faragher | Photo by Megan Faragher

Wright State University (WSU) associate professor of English Megan Faragher has been teaching students with her background in women and gender studies, British literature and Irish literature since 2013.  

Educational history 

Faragher attended Arizona State University for her undergraduate and graduated with two bachelor’s in English and women and gender studies.  

Afterwards, Faragher moved onto the University at Buffalo for their combination Master’s PhD program and literature. 

After graduating, Faragher had a postdoctoral teaching fellowship for one year at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.  

“I was privileged to get a tenure track position at Wright State University Lake campus, which is where I’ve been since 2013,” said Faragher. 

According to Faragher, they have always wanted to become a professor and are inspired by their grandfather’s story. 

“I was a big nerd and I would just have books piled up so high on my school desk that you couldn’t see my face anymore. You know, I was that kid,” said Faragher. “I was taking a course with a wonderful man named Mr. Robert Crawford and we were reading the Iliad. I remember him saying, ‘you know, there’s a job for people like you. You could be a professor and do nothing but this’ and that was my revelation.” 


Faragher’s grandfather, an Italian immigrant from Rome, came to the United States after WWII and practiced medicine first in New York and then in northeastern Ohio.  

According to Faragher, their grandfather has been an image of fortitude in their life. Even though people struggled to understand his thick accent, he would not let anything get under his skin. 

“At any point where I’ve been at ends, his practicality brought me back down to earth to focus on my goals. You can’t let other things get in the way of what you see for yourself,” said Faragher.  

Students also influence Faragher, especially when they contribute new ideas for Faragher to reflect on.  

Projects and hobbies 

Faragher has a book coming out in 2021 that discusses the early history of public opinion polling specifically in Britain and how it changed the way writers and thinkers saw the relationship between the individual and society. 

Faragher worked on her book for around ten years and was nervous to finally submit it. However, getting the book contract is an accomplishment that Faragher holds high.  

While they are not writing, reading or working on their courses, Faragher participates in roller derby. Faragher is the co-captain of the international travel team for Gem City Roller Derby in Dayton, OH.  

The team made their first regional championship in 2019 but have put their sport on hold due to the coronavirus.  

“I look forward to getting back and continuing to stay as long as I can,” said Faragher.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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