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Fall Fest: The First Big In-Person Event of the Semester: Are You Going?

| Photos by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Fall Fest 2019| Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

As the fall semester approaches, students and staff are gradually working their way back to campus and in-person activities. While the Wright State University (WSU) Activities Board (UAB) members are excited to revive student involvement on campus, there are mixed reviews from students and staff on whether they feel comfortable with in-person events. 

UAB input

UAB members are eager to help students and staff feel more connected on campus as WSU transitions back to in-person activities. 

“I do view Fall Fest as a transition back to normal life (or as close as it is going to get) because during quarantine we all lacked social interaction and community- especially in college. So it’s good to be getting back our social aspect on campus,” UAB member Elissa Wakim said. 

“Fall fest resuming this year has definitely put a positive outlook on the upcoming semester for most students,” UAB member Izzy Rice said. 

UAB President Jeffrey Shehee hopes that Fall Fest will help connect students to organizations and activities on campus to enhance their WSU experience. 

“A lot of WSU freshmen and sophomores haven’t really seen the campus due to COVID and will now have the chance to get involved for the first time,” Shehee said. 

Currently, there are more than 50 student organizations registered to participate in Fall Fest. Students that are looking to get involved, find a club or enjoy a day on campus are encouraged to attend this event and learn about what extracurriculars WSU has to offer while enjoying food and activities. 

Fall Fest is Friday, August 27th from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.  

Student and staff input

WSU sophomore Kaycie Bolin is not planning to attend fall fest this year and prefers an online format for her college experience. 

“It’s so much more convenient for me and I have done super well online,” Bolin said. 

French professor Jean-Michel Lamoine has reservations about returning to campus. 

“I am not planning to go to Fall Fest because of COVID and its Delta Variant. Although, I do miss campus a lot,” Lamoine said. 

WSU grad student Alex Dang is excited to check out fall fest again and misses the times he got to go as an undergrad.

“I miss the free giveaways to my favorite restaurants and attractions around the Dayton area, as well as the activities around each booth,” Dang said.