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Fall Guide: What to Watch this Season

What to watch this fall | Photo by Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian

Snuggle up for a television and movie marathon with these fall-themed choices that will send chills down your spine then warm you right back up. 


Stranger Things

In this eerie 1980s storyline, a group of kids in Hawkins, Ind. witness supernatural beings and ghostly forces while uncovering plots in governmental systems. Each season brings a new monster, loosely based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons game. If you are looking for an escape into your childhood and into the wonders of exploration, questioning and otherworldly ideas, “Stranger Things” is the show for you. Plus, Eddie Munson. (Trigger warnings: flashing lights, graphic violence.)

Gilmore Girls

For a cozy, inescapable fall feeling, “Gilmore Girls” is the perfect show. Living in Stars Hollow, Conn., Lorelai, mom and hotel manager, and her daughter, notorious straight-A, polished Rory Gilmore, take on family, relationships, school and much more. Sookie and Luke are main characters in the show who add a fun-loving twist to an already dreamy nature. “Gilmore Girls” is a show full of nostalgia, aesthetic and sentimentality.

All of Us Are Dead

In a high school that has become a ground for zombies and a zombie virus outbreak after a failed science experiment, students must find a way to escape the classroom and school doors alive. This gruesome horror show depicts a struggle to survive after being cut off from outside communication or help. (Trigger warning: gore.) 

Abbott Elementary

This weekly sitcom takes place in an underfunded Philadelphia public school, where a group of teachers must band together to provide for their students. Full of witty humor and passionate themes, “Abbott Elementary” takes viewers back to their childhood and through school hallways. Supported by an actually not-so-supportive district, the teachers must hone their energy and effort to educate the youth that they are serving. 


The Shining

Starting off with a classic, this 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror film is first of its kind, filled with psychological thrill and mystery. Writer Jack Torance, along with his wife, Wendy, and child, Danny, supervises the Outlook Hotel in Colorado. Danny encounters visual and audio paranormal experiences while Jack must face a force that is threatening his family. This terrifying and horrific movie pairs 80s classic horror elements with a scary ability to transcend time. (Trigger warning: blood, violence.)


For more lighthearted viewing, “Coco” is the perfect escape that also honors Día de los Muertos. In this animated Disney film, young Miguel dreams of being a musician despite his family’s refusal. Miguel’s adventures find him in the Land of the Dead, where he meets new people and animals who accompany him on his journey of uncovering the truth about his family’s legend. This family-friendly movie is a perfect combination of humor and reflection.

Harry Potter Series

For an iconically cozy and snug movie night, the “Harry Potter” series provides the perfect mix of magic and humanity. Follow the story of young wizard Harry, who goes on daring adventures with his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and eventually must save the wizarding world from total peril. Snuggle up with some Butterbeer and enjoy laughs, reminiscence and warmth with “Harry Potter.”

Good Will Hunting

In this autumnal setting, Will Hunting is a genius who works as a janitor. After being noticed for his abilities, Will gets arrested. The professor who sees Will’s potential collaborates with a therapist who provides treatment in return for moderation from police. The story follows Will and his relationship with his therapist and the trauma they slowly uncover through many sessions. For an endearing, heartfelt, healing and comical film, “Good Will Hunting” is the choice.

Dead Poets Society

English teacher John Keating must navigate an all-boys preparatory school that is riddled with tradition and history. John must find ways to connect with his students to reach them on a deeper level. Students Neil Perry and Todd Anderson resonate with this teaching method and take their passion outside the classroom. Through poetry, the class and teacher are able to transcend what they thought was ever possible. 

The Addams Family

In this satirical fantasy film, the Addams family welcomes who they think is the missing brother of Gomez, Fester. This story follows Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley and Gomez Addams as they navigate stolen identities, mistaken family deceit and near-loss of a family fortune. This droll movie is perfect for a classic, fantastical story about one of the most well-known Halloween families in the media.

When Harry Met Sally

Fall would be incomplete without an 80s romcom. After reconvening after ten years, college friends Harry Burns and Sally Albright revisit a car ride debate about platonic friendships, sex and the dynamics of human nature in relationships. The two must navigate this tricky tightrope to remain friends without becoming too involved with each other. This is the perfect movie for a restful, homey night in. 

Hotel Transylvania

The last recommendation is a monstrous one. Set in Count Dracula’s Hotel Transylvania, where monsters go to be themselves, Dracula is hosting a party for his daughter, Mavis. As the party unfolds, an uninvited guest crashes the festivities and causes commotion for both Dracula and Mavis, literally and figuratively. 

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