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Feed the Streetz: Black Student Union Giving Back to the Dayton Area

Feed the Streets | Photo by Julia Kirk | The Wright State Guardian

On Feb. 17, members of the Black Student Union got together to make lunches and hand them out to the people of Dayton who needed food.

Background of the event

In this generous event, the members of the Black Student Union set out to help people who are in need. This is not the first time this event has occurred; in fact, it is a yearly tradition. 

In preparation for the event, the students went to Meijer and Walmart to buy supplies. Each meal was made in a bag and included handmade sandwiches, oranges, water and candy. BSU bought the materials on their own to help make a difference.

There are many different organizations across Wright State University’s campus, and many of them hold community service events. Shanaia Hunt, a member of the Black Student Union, talked about the importance of this.

“I’ve been in other organizations that do community service, and it’s good to give back,” Hunt said.

Delivering the meals

The students made a total of 150 packed lunches and headed to downtown Dayton. They gave out meals to people they saw waiting at bus stops, at the library and anywhere else they found people who were in need.

This was an experience that was enjoyable for both the people of Dayton and the students volunteering. Hunt discussed these benefits.

“I loved seeing how happy it made them,” Hunt said.

Hunt went on to say how that was her favorite part of the event. Not only was BSU able to help out people who were struggling, but the organization was able to gain from it as well. 

There are many opportunities to give back, and many can be found right here on campus. Do not be afraid to do the work and help others, like the students in the Black Student Union have done and continue to do.

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