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Five at Home Hobbies that Will Not Break the Bank

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The coronavirus has caused many people to want to learn new skills in order to make time pass at home. The following are five different hobbies you can begin today without breaking the bank.  


Learning how to cook does not mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars to create extravagant recipes; however, learning to make a meal that does not come from a box can be a very rewarding accomplishment.  

Thousands of recipes exist online that allow even the most inexperienced chefs to learn to make some of their favorite dishes at a low cost. From pastas to pastries, anyone can learn to make their family a home-cooked meal.  

A quick Google search will bring up an endless amount of recipes that the whole family will enjoy that can be made with a few simple ingredients. 


Gardening is a skill that can be time consuming due to the seemingly infinite amount of available research online that covers a variety of different plants, shrubs, trees and more.  

Before partaking in gardening, take some time to dive into the available research about what types of plants grow best in your area, how to maintain those types of plants and be sure you can provide a healthy environment for that plant.  

Many stores sell seed packets, pots, plant food and any tools you may need to get started for just a few dollars depending on what you choose to grow.  

Language learning 

It is never too late to take up a second, third or even fourth language. Whether you are a student fulfilling a language requirement for school or a retired professional looking for something new to learn, learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience.  

While programs such as Rosetta Stone provide the ability to learn many languages for a few hundred dollars, apps such as Duolingo are also available to engage you in the language learning process for free or minimal cost.  


Although exercising at the gym may not be an option for many currently, exercising from home is still something anyone can do.  

All you need is an open area in or outside of your home and something to keep you hydrated. YouTube as well as many fitness apps provide free video and written regiments that can be used as guidance.  

Remember to fit your routine to your lifestyle and to not overexert yourself. Exercise at a pace most sustainable for you.  


Whether it be in a Google Doc or with old fashioned pen and paper, sitting down to write can serve as a fun hobby and a healthy outlet for emotions during a difficult time in the world.  

All over the internet are prompts for different styles of creative writing. Many libraries offer free virtual courses that help enhance creative and professional writing 

Writing can be one of the best outlets for stress, anxiety and depression, and is one of the most recommended coping skills to uptake.

Kaitlyn Chrosniak

News Reporter

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