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Five Steps To Refocus During Spring Break

A student walking in hallway | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Spring break could not have come at a better time. Typically associated with rest and relaxation, spring break can also be the perfect time to refocus your attention on personal goals and self-improvement techniques. Below are five tips that can help you revitalize your energy for the rest of the semester to finish strong. 

Schedule Your Time  

Everyone has busy schedules. Most are juggling participation in multiple organizations, clubs, classes, or internships. This being said, time management is a must to ensure you get all of your work done when it is due. 

Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature allows you to insert all of your classes, tests, assignments and meetings creating a visual that allows you to see all that you have going on at any given date.  

Make notes for yourself as a reminder of important tasks to be completed. These notes can either be on your laptop or paper sticky notes placed around your workspace. 

Most importantly, do not forget to schedule time for self-care and mental breaks.  

Stay Connected 

During break, do your best to not lose any connections you have made with professors, colleagues or your classmates. Networking is an integral part of the college experience and who you know is important. Having a human connection, especially in times of social distancing can make us all feel more connected and improve moods drastically.  

Do Not Procrastinate 

To all the Seniors: I know senioritis is kicking in.  

It is important to persevere and push through this last semester as you have done for the past three and a half years. Before you know it, graduation will be here and your hard work will have paid off.  

Going hand-in-hand with tip number one, scheduling your time and blocking spaces for studying, social interactions, working out etc. will decrease your chances of procrastinating tasks and keep your eye on the prize.  

Ask For Help 

Do not be afraid or uncomfortable to ask for help. 

If you are struggling in a class do not wait until the end of the semester to ask professors for help or guidance. Remain proactive and go to professor’s office hours and utilize tutoring centers.  

There are a variety of resources on campus dedicated to student success. It behooves all students to utilize the available resources both on campus and in the virtual setting.  

Keep A Journal 

College is filled with many personal and professional development experiences.  

Keeping a journal is a great way to unwind from the day and to document all that you have been through. There will be many memories, obstacles and achievements you will not want to forget, and keeping a journal is a great way to remind yourself of the journey you have embarked on. 

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