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FMLA Creating a Space on Campus for Inclusion and Representation

March Is | Graphic by Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance | Wright State University

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance discusses important social issues, provides a safe space for all and practices inclusion to serve each other and the Dayton campus. 


FMLA is an on-campus organization that focuses on educating people about feminist issues and providing a safe place for women, according to organization president Stephanie Buettner. 

Buettner restarted the organization last semester after it had previously gone inactive. 

The organization has gone through a series of ups and downs over the years, including ending due to low membership or lack of leadership on more than one occasion. 

Buettner had personal motivation to restart the organization when noticing that on-campus women centers or organizations were religious or social but did not reflect important discourse of feminist issues. 

Buettner said the vision for the organization is to make a comfortable, approachable and casual organization with an intersectional feminist and non-exclusionary approach. 

“[I wanted to] start an open space talking about feminist issues while being non-partisan and non religious,” Buettner said. 

Faculty advisor Emily Yantis-Houser helps run the organization, explaining a personal dedication to women’s issues. According to Yantis-Houser, FMLA takes the time and energy to educate people about important issues.

Eliza Hendrix, vice president of the organization, joined the organization so that there would be a feminist organization inclusive to transgender women. Hendrix also wanted transgender representation in leadership to make sure there was diverse representation in the organization. 

Present day

For Women’s History Month, the club is meeting with the YWCA on Thursday, March 23, to discuss health relationships. 

The organization’s current main focus is to spread awareness and let people know about the organization, according to Buettner.

The average club meeting for the FMLA includes board games, a casual feel, snacks, music and an informality that adds to the laid back approach that welcomes everyone.

“The goal is to create a validating and accepting space,” Hendrix said.

Buettner also explained why it is important for the group to come together.

“It is really important for women-identifying people to be around like minded others where they aren’t going to be judged or debated,” Buettner said.

FMLA encourages anyone interested in the organization to attend a meeting.

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