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Fun and safe summer activities

Laying in a hammock outdoors | Photo by Jamie Penwell

Laying in a hammock outdoors | Photo by Jamie Penwell | The Wright State Guardian

Remote learning is coming to an end for the semester and summer is here. Although this summer will be a little different than usual, it shouldn’t stop students from having fun and enjoying their break.

Here are 8 fun and safe things to do this summer.

Bike or skate with friends

Not only is this a great way to get exercise, but it is also an easy way to social distance yourself from friends while still enjoying their company.

Grab a bike, a pair of roller skates, a skateboard or even a scooter and wheel across neighborhoods. Make sure to stay six feet apart from your friends and don’t forget to soak in the sun.


While it might not be a traditional picnic, a social distancing picnic can be just as fun. Instead of sharing a picnic blanket with your friends, have everyone bring their own blanket and picnic supplies.

Everyone sets up apart from each other and enjoys their meals together. Bonus points for playing music and sunbathing after eating.

Family Olympics

A great and safe way to spend this summer is at home with your family. Create several events for your family to compete in.

Try to think of simple things like a paper airplane contest or stacking challenges. Get creative with it and track who wins what event.

At the end of all the events, the family member with the most wins is the Family Olympic winner and gets bragging rights the rest of the summer, or until a Family Olympics rematch.

FaceTime or Zoom dance parties

Can’t be in the same place as all your friends? Does your friend group exceed the 10-person maximum?

A great way to safely distance yourself while still enjoying your summer is by throwing a FaceTime or Zoom dance party. Have everyone dress up in their favorite party clothes and take turns picking music. This takes dancing alone in your bedroom up a notch.

Social distancing dance party

Maybe you just want to dance with your closest friend and not a huge Zoom chat. Throw a social distancing dance party in your back yard. Blast the music, dress in your favorite party outfits and enjoy the fresh air.

Bonfire and movie night

If you have a fire pit and a projector, you can make a fire and movie night for friends. Set up chairs six feet apart from each other, hang a sheet on the side of your house or shed and project a movie.

Don’t forget about blankets and individual bowls of popcorn for everyone! Take turns picking out movies and host movie nights like this several times throughout the summer to make the most out of a tricky situation.

Have a hammock day

Invest in a hammock if you don’t already own one and set out for a lazy and relaxing hammock day. Bring a book, snacks, music and anything else to help you relax.

Maybe even take a little hammock nap in the warm sun; just remember to wear sunscreen! Grab a friend who has a hammock and enjoy the relaxing day in the sun with them.

Learn a new hobby

Of course, this summer will be a little different than most. Use time alone to your advantage by learning a new hobby or mastering one you already enjoy.

The possibilities are endless. Bonus points for learning the hobby outside in the fresh air and rays of the sun!

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor

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