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Gender Inclusive Restrooms: A More Inclusive Campus

All-Gender Restroom | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

All-Gender Restroom | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

Inspired by the Residential Community Association (RCA), Resolution 21-06 has been passed by the Student Government Association (SGA) to add more gender-inclusive restrooms to Wright State University (WSU) and educate the public on the importance of them.  

Residential Community Association  

For Residence Hall Community Council President Dylan Wolfe, adding gender-inclusive restrooms to the honors hall was just a stepping-stone approach to more inclusivity on campus.   

“We wanted to expand inclusiveness on campus, since I don’t think it’s the most inclusive campus that there is,” said Wolfe.  

Currently there are two gender-inclusive restrooms at the honors dorms. One is located at the back of the plaza and the second is located on the first floor.  

After seeing Wolfe and RCA add gender-inclusive bathrooms to the honors hall, SGA Residential Senator Jonathan Ciero decided to bring the idea to SGA.  

New and improved restrooms  

The resolution passed by SGA aims to add more gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus as well as upgrade the existing ones.  

“I think my biggest problem with the restrooms on campus that are gender-inclusive is that just the signs have changed, and while that is a good show of solidarity, we could have all the bells and whistles. I think this is a good step in making that happen,” said Residential Community Association Director of Internal Affairs Chad Dudash.  

According to Dudash, the existing restrooms could be updated to provide more privacy for those using them. Currently, the gender-inclusive restrooms on campus look the same on the inside as gendered restrooms, and Dudash thinks that this is not the best way to be inclusive.  

Another problem with the existing gender-inclusive restrooms on campus is that some of them are hidden. Dudash hopes that new restrooms will be added in places with higher visibility. The Student Union’s gender-inclusive restrooms are located in the basement, but Dudash thinks there is a better location for additional inclusive restrooms.  

“Places like Millett hall and Allen hall are right there when you walk in, but I think the ones near the Student Union Market would be a good one to change because that’s the most public one that will be used when students are visiting,” said Dudash.  

Schools across the state are starting to add gender-inclusive restrooms and adding highly visible ones to the Student Union would be a good look for Wright State, according to Associate Director of LGBTQA Affairs Emily Yantis-Houser. 

Educating the public  

Along with adding more restrooms and upgrading the existing ones, RCA and SGA wish to educate the WSU community about why gender-inclusive restrooms are important.  

Currently, there are supposed to be two gender-inclusive restrooms in every building on campus, but some have been converted back to gendered restrooms after facing backlash.  

More of the debate against the restrooms has come from staff and faculty rather than students, according to Yantis-Houser  

“There was one particular staff person, which is why they changed the one in Diggs Laboratory, that was bound and determined that this was the bathroom they always used and that it will not be inclusive,” said Yantis-Houser 

The best way to educate the public right now, according to Dudash, is by utilizing social media to reach a bigger audience. Dudash wants people to understand that they don’t have to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community to use the gender-inclusive restrooms.  


Any students who want more information about gender-inclusive restrooms on campus can visit the webpage Trans at Wright State or contact Yantis-Houser for more information.

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor