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Grilled Cheese Hotline

Grilled Cheese Hotline | Photo provided by Miracle Makers

Grilled Cheese Hotline | Photo provided by Miracle Makers

The weather on campus is finally starting to get cold, and nothing is better in the winter months than a bowl of hot soup and grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese on the go:

On Nov. 7 from 6 p.m. to midnight, Miracle Makers and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), a service and recognition organization, are joining forces to host the Grilled Cheese Hotline.

It’s an event to raise money for Dayton Children’s Hospital that Miracle Makers hosts every semester.

“The Grilled Cheese Hotline is great for two reasons,” said Lauren Macgregor, executive director of Miracle Makers.

“First off, we have a chance to make some extra money for the kids at Dayton Children’s but also it gives us a chance to connect with students who we maybe don’t reach all the time,” Macgregor said.

How to order

Students can order grilled cheese for $1, hot tomato soup for 50 cents and it can be delivered to them anywhere on campus for $2.

Students can order their food either by coming into Forest Lane community center where the team will be set up, by calling in or even by submitting a Google form.

For information on the phone number and Google form, students can go to Miracle Makers’ social media:

Instagram : @wsu_mm

Twitter : @WSU_MM

Facebook : Wright State Miracle Makers

‘We’re all trying to do something to serve others’

Not only is this event great because it raises money for charity but students can get a cheap, hot meal delivered to them anywhere on campus.

“If students are in the library studying and they don’t want to waste time to go out and make or get food, they can stay in the library and have dinner,” said Alexis Hobbs from Miracle Makers.

As for NRHH, who is providing the space in Forest Lane, they are excited to be a part of this event this year and make connections with Miracle Makers.

“We’re all trying to do something to serve others so it’s really cool that we get the opportunity to do that together,” said President of NRHH Markayla Clayton.

All of the proceeds from the Grilled Cheese Hotline go directly to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to the local Frisch’s across from campus donating all of the supplies to Miracle Makers.

The tradition continues

Last semester, the group raised about $450 and they are hoping to go above and beyond this semester.

“It’s about the miracle families and getting their stories out so people know that we are raising money for them, but we are also raising money to be able to have people hear their stories,” said Nicol Oller from Miracle Makers.

Students have the opportunity to buy and enjoy delicious dinner while donating to charity.