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Group Games For Holiday Get-Togethers

Board games

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With the holidays approaching and group gatherings back in trend, board games and card games are a great way to spend time with loved ones. Here are just a few highly regarded games to get the fun started this holiday season.

Blockbuster-The Game

Millennials and 90s kids will love this new board game, based around movie trivia and the notable Blockbuster chain store. 

Suitable for four or more players, the trivia game encourages players to guess a movie based on quotes or visual cues. It encourages group collaboration and communication.

Released in summer 2021, the interactive board game has received high reviews from gamers and consumers.

Cards Against Humanity

This adult comedy card game is a classic group experience suitable for two or more players. 

The simple game was released in 2010, with updates to the game occurring every few years. The company has also expanded the game by adding extension packs and different versions of the game. 

More about the company and game can be found on their website.

Disney Villainous 

This family-friendly board game is perfect for any Disney fan. 

Requiring two to six players, this game involves a board, cards and character pieces. Each player takes the role of a Disney villain while moving through the storytelling game. 

Updated editions have been released since the initial 2018 release date. 

All these games can be purchased in stores like Target and Walmart or via online retailers like Amazon.

Jamie Naylor

News Reporter