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This week’s horoscopes are for all of those Harry Potter fans out there. Read on to find out which character you would be in the books or movies based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries, you can be quite full of yourself sometimes, but you can also have a witty side to your personality. You would either be James Potter or one of the Weasley twins. 


Taurus, you easily get jealous and you can be extremely patient when you are working towards a long term goal. You would be Severus Snape. 


Gemini, you can be cunning when you need to be and are often inconsistent. On the flipside, you are also versatile and witty. You would either be Draco Malfoy or Ginny Weasley. 


Cancer, you can sometimes be overly emotional and clingy, but you always come to aid when your friends need your help and you are fiercely loyal. You would definitely be Dobby the house elf. 


Leo, you are generous and warm hearted, but you can sometimes come across as bossy and intolerant. You would be Hermione Granger without a doubt. 


Virgo, you can be quite the worrier and quite frankly a bit harsh. You are also very intelligent and analytical, meaning you would be great as Professor Mcgonagall. 


Libra, you’re easy going and sociable but also a bit indecisive. You would either be good as Ron Weasley or Hagrid. It’s truly a toss up. 


Scorpio, you’re determined and passionate, but you can also be quite obsessive. You would be great as Sirius Black or even Harry Potter himself. 


Sagittarius, you can sometimes be blindly optimistic and most of the time you are honest and straightforward. You can be slow to learn but you always come through in the end. You would be the best Neville Longbottom. 


Capricorn, you are often very practical and you are always ambitious. Sometimes you can be a bit pessimistic. You would do very well as Molly Weasly or even Hermione Granger. 


Aquarius, you are very intellectual and independent but you are also unpredictable and sometimes even unemotional. You would no doubt be Albus Dumbledore


Pisces, you can often be seen as secretive, vague and idealistic. You are also imaginative and sensitive. People often judge you without really getting to know you first. You would fit perfectly into the sweet sensitive character of Luna Lovegood.

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