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Healthy Haven postpones Issa Bop event

During Issa Bop, hosted by Healthy Haven, students can have fun and work up a sweat by learning a choreographed dance to the song “Bop” by DaBaby. Originally planned for Feb. 7, the event was postponed with no future date set.

The inspiration

The music video for “Bop” is filled with people dancing and having a good time, which is what inspired Healthy Haven to host this event. President Lacey Loges and Treasurer Ayauna Goodwin both have dance experience and know that it can be a fun way to get active.

“From my experience being a dancer on the Wright State dance team, hip hop dancing can be a true workout. I thought it would be a fun twist,” said Loges.

The goal

“The big goal was to have fun while you’re dancing and you can still get a good exercise without even knowing that you’re exercising,” said Goodwin.

Healthy Haven’s does not aim to turn students into great dancers, but to give them a judgment-free environment where they can exercise and have fun at the same time.

“The goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable in that environment to push themselves and just try something new,” said Loges.

Future events

The group plans to host more dance classes in the future as well as other exercise events like pilates and crossfit.

“I want to try to do one of these dance events at least once or twice a month,” said Loges.

Students who wish to attend in the future can say up to date on Healthy Haven events by following their Instagram @wrightstate_healthyhaven as well as the group’s Engage page.

Anybody can dance

Loges and Goodwin want students to know that they don’t have to know anything about dancing or exercise to join their events. Issa Bop is focused on having fun and trying new things and not learning the dance perfectly.

“It’s a judgment-free zone. Once people get in there and actually start dancing, they will realize it isn’t too bad,” said Goodwin.

Benefits of staying active during college

Healthy Haven encourages students to stay active and better themselves. According to The Sports Digest, staying active while in college can reduce stress, boost test performance and improve concentration. Loges says that exercising can improve students’ mental health by helping them feel more confident in their own skin.

“I feel like a lot of people get down on their body image and society kind of puts a damper on that, but exercise can really help you just feel better,” said Loges.

For information on when Issa Bop will be held, students can follow Healthy Haven’s Instagram @wrightstate_healthyhaven.