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Hispanic Heritage Month

Amigos Latinos Student Association | Photo by Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

This Hispanic Heritage Month, the Wright State University campus community can get involved and attend a number of events on and off campus to celebrate the achievements, influence and culture of Hispanic Americans.

What is the month about? 

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

The celebration runs mid-month because many Spanish-speaking countries experience independence days within that time frame and is in-place to remember and recognize the contributions of the Hispanic/Latino community, according to Assistant Director of the Latino Center Catherine Hernandez-Hogan. 

The Latino population continues to be the largest growing population in the nation, with Wright State University being 3.6 percent Latino, according to Hernandez-Hogan.

With that knowledge, the lack of representation and support across the country puzzles Hernandez-Hogan. 

“[NHHM] benefits [Hispanic students] because they are seeing themselves represented. Oftentimes, they do not see themselves represented in the classroom, whether it be faculty or, I mean, oftentimes students will tell me ‘I’m, like, the only Latino in my class, or in my major,’” Hernandez-Hogan said. 

This month is about showcasing the contributions and experiences of the Hispanic/Latino community coupled with culture, music and food. 


There are many ways to get involved and show NHHM support this month. 

On Saturday, Oct. 8 from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Latino Center and the Amigos Latinos Alumni Society will sponsor a gala to raise money for scholarships specifically for Latino WSU students, according to Hernandez-Hogan. 

Additionally, a variety of festivals took place this past week. Second year student Markus Perry commented on one such event. 

“I attended one in Cincinnati where there was live music, there were games, lots of good food. The food is always the best part. It was just a great time to interact and mingle,” Perry said. 

How to show support

There are additional ways that students can be involved and show the Latino community support. 

“Try to find some shows that showcase Latino creatives, whether they be the artists or the writers. Those who love to read books, be intentional about finding a Latino, you know, writer or author,” Hernandez-Hogan said.

According to Perry, student’s should immerse themselves in something new, make a new friend that is Hispanic/Latino, learn about the culture or stop by the Latino Center to get involved.

All students can join in on the celebration and fun. 

“You do not have to be Latino to be a friend,” Hernandez-Hogan said.

Students can join vast amounts of events happening on and off campus celebrating NHHM, El Mes de la Herencia Hispana. For more information, visit the WSU Latino Center website