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Housing Fair Canceled, WSU Promotes On-Campus Living

Apartments | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University canceled a housing fair scheduled in late March. The dean of students weighs in on this decision and emphasizes increased student success while living on campus.

Why the cancellation

Wright State University canceled a housing fair scheduled on March 29. After consideration, Chris Taylor, dean of students, along with Student Legal, felt that people might see the event as a promotion of new housing options to students.

“It’s not necessarily about the type of residence but the idea that students might feel the university had endorsed or vetted off-campus providers in some way, which we don’t do,” Taylor said.

The only housing affiliation Wright State has is with Crawford Hoying. The Dublin, OH-based developer began managing Wright State properties in the fall of 2021.

“We do not vet or analyze the offerings of any other providers and feel that, going forward, it makes more sense for the university to focus on programming on how to understand a lease and renter’s rights,” Taylor said.

Residential options at Wright State

Wright State University currently features three resident halls on campus: Hamilton Hall, Honors Community and The Woods. Additionally, there are four different apartment complexes affiliated with the college.  

According to Taylor, there are currently 1,462 students living on campus. 

“We market our housing options in a variety of ways as part of the admissions process at Wright State,” Taylor said.

Taylor explained that incoming students can attend open houses, orientations or campus visits for resources to learn about campus and other living options.

“Once a student decides to live on campus, they receive a variety of information about what to bring, what to expect and what options and resources are available to them. Current residents receive information about options prior to the time when they are invited to sign up for housing for the next year,” Taylor said.

Moving forward

Taylor said applications for student housing and renewals have increased for fall 2023 as compared to pre-pandemic rates. Taylor is working with Student Legal for future student residency options.

“We firmly believe that the residential experience at Wright State enhances a student’s success on campus in a variety of ways, including convenience, outside-the-classroom learning, engagement and creating belonging,” Taylor said.

For more information about residence life at WSU, visit the campus housing website

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