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How to: Personalizing face masks

Christine Moser making over 500 cloth face masks | Photo submitted by Christine Moser

Mask made by Christine Moser | Photo submitted by Christine Moser

With the state opening back up this summer after the coronavirus shutdown, it is important to wear a face mask while out in public.

Wearing a face mask doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and show off your personality. Here are six ways to customize your cloth face mask to keep yourself safe and stylish.

Fun fabric

When making your cloth mask, pick a fabric that you enjoy and could wear every day.

Maybe you want a bold print to show off your bold personality. Or you might want a neutral print to go with any and every outfit. The pattern of your cloth mask is an easy way to express yourself while keeping yourself safe.

Make it reversible

Make one side of the mask neutral for everyday use and the other side loud and vibrant for the days when you want to stand out.

It is recommended to make your cloth mask doubled layered anyways. This is a perfect way to be environmentally conscious about your cloth mask because you won’t need to use extra materials to make a second mask. Plus, having one mask means you won’t lose your second one.


Another way to customize your face mask, after picking out your preferred pattern, is by embroidering a small detail onto the side.

The options for embroidered details are limitless and make your mask one of a kind. Show off your personality with a design or embroider a message you think is important.

Get creative with it and wear your mask out in public to keep you safe and show off your embroidery work.


Want something with a little more bling? Bedazzling your face mask is a quick way to add extra flair and show off your outgoing personality while protecting yourself and others around you.

Watch tutorials online for how to safely bedazzle cloth and make it unique to your style. You can bedazzle the entire thing or bedazzle words onto your mask.


A customization classic, tie-dying your cloth mask can be a fun and creative way to personalize it.

Start off with a blank, white cloth mask and tie-dye using safe dyes. Be sure to wash or rinse the mask completely of extra dye before wearing it to avoid irritating or staining your face. This is a perfect option to stay safe while enjoying the summer vibes.

Iron-on patches

Do you have an iron-on patch that you’ve been holding onto for years because you didn’t know what to put it on? Your cloth face mask could be the perfect option.

Make sure the patch is small and allows the cloth to bend around your face once it is applied.