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How To Prepare For The Upcoming Semester

How to prepare for next semester | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

How to prepare for next semester | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

This upcoming Fall 2020 semester may seem daunting to most students, but there are ways to prepare to make it the best semester yet at Wright State University (WSU).

Online classes

Most classes will be held in a mixture of virtual and in-person. Be sure to check the schedule online in order to see what classes are online, with or without a set meeting time, or at the campus.

If students have any questions, they should contact their academic advisor or professors in order to avoid confusion the first week of classes.

Preparing for classes

Wright State University switched to online classes during the Spring 2020 semester. Students and professors alike were struggling with the new formatting for classes. However, now students and professors know what to expect.

Make sure that your laptop or computer is charged and ready for online classes. Try to be a little early for your live lectures, as sometimes technology does not care for your deadlines and may update programs for the fun of it.

A struggle some people run into with online classes is finding a time and space for them to attend to their schoolwork. Make a place dedicated to your work in order to separate your home life from your education.

Physical protection

Some students, like senior Trinity Rammel, expressed concerns with new procedures concerning coronavirus.

“I’m going to be running late one morning and remember I forgot my mask half-way to class,” said Rammel.

In order to avoid this situation, consider keeping a mask in your car or with your books. Remember to wash your masks often in order to avoid bacteria buildup.

If you have classes on any WSU campus, consider using hand sanitizer often and staying home if you feel sick.

There are several ways that we can make sure that the changes we face are ones we can change with. Remember to always keep a clean mask on your person and mentally prepare yourself for online classes, and we can overcome this semester.

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor