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How to: Streaming on a Budget

Gaming | Photo by Pexels

Because people enjoy watching their favorite gamers play in real-time, video game streaming platforms like Twitch have risen in popularity. Becoming one of these famed streamers doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, either.  

Listed below are a few key pieces of equipment to begin streaming video games to Twitch.  


There are many different ways to game in 2021. Console gamers have the Xbox One X, the Xbox One Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PC gamers have the ability to purchase pre-built PC’s or can also custom build their own setups with certain specifications in mind.  

Deciding which platform for gaming suits you best is the first step.  

Gamers interested in the highest resolutions, game speed, frame rate and overall performance would be better suited gaming on a pre-built or custom-built PC.  

In competitive gaming, playing on a PC is a necessity. Higher frame rates allow PC gamers to experience games with little to no delay giving gamers a significant competitive advantage over console gamers.  

The turning point in the argument of console vs PC lies in the price.  

Gamers can get an Xbox One X or a PlayStation 4 for roughly $200-$300, and can stream gameplay seamlessly from either console.  

The newest consoles, the Xbox One Series X and the PlayStation 5 are currently advertised at $500-$600 and give gamers a higher frame rate and resolution while gaming, streaming or both.  

On average, a gaming PC will cost anywhere from $500-$1500 depending on technical specifications, customized hardware etc. 


Having a crisp and clean voiceover is an important part to any gaming stream.  

If your viewers cannot understand or hear what you are saying on stream, it will become difficult or impossible to interact with them, causing them to leave your stream in search of someone more accessible.  

Getting a headset or microphone with great quality is achievable at a fair cost.  

Brands such as Turtle Beach, Logitech, Astro and Bose all provide gamers with affordable models to choose from while also providing top notch quality.  


Having a webcam allows your viewers to see your reactions while gaming, and also allows for a more interactive stream.  

When picking a webcam, be sure to read reviews online before purchasing and stick to well-known brands.  

Affordable industry brands include Logitech, Microsoft, Razer and Lenovo. 

On average, gamers can find models from the above brands ranging from $50-$250 and will provide 1080p or even 4k streaming abilities.  

Twitch account 

Now that you have your equipment and you are ready to stream, it’s time to make an account with Twitch.  

This is an easy process and can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.  

First, head to 

Create an account clicking the “Sign Up” link on the top right of the web page.  

Here you will be prompted to create a username and be given options to customize your profile.  

Once your profile is created, you’re ready to start streaming.  

Twitch provides streamers with a creator dashboard and stream manager as well.  

If you have a laptop, you can manage your chat and interact with viewers while gaming right from your creator dashboard. You can also see a live view of your stream to make sure all video elements are working properly.  

Nicolas BenVenuto

News Editor