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Increased Marketing Initiatives at WSU, Student Experiences and Takeaways

WSU Campus | Photo by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

As the fall semester creeps to its end, Wright State University’s marketing team is upping their game. Now that it is time for high school seniors to consider their college choices more seriously, WSU is more likely to be putting out fresh advertisements filled with familiar faces. 

Through the students’ eyes

Bella Schenck, an undergraduate student at WSU, noticed a drastic increase in photoshoots on campus. At one point, she felt she was seeing a new photoshoot every day.

Schenck also talked about how she was involved in these photoshoots and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

“Marketing wants to show students doing things they do in their normal lives,” Schenck said. “The photos show students who are involved on campus.” 

Schenck said that she is excited to see people she recognizes, including herself and some of her friends. They all donned their favorite green and gold accessories for the occasion and had a good time. 

The marketing perspective

Callista Hess, social media coordinator for the Office of Marketing at WSU, explained that an outside company came in to do a few photoshoots. 

Hess is a graduate student at WSU who has been heavily involved on campus since her years here as an undergraduate. She said that she has noticed that students are finally beginning to return to how involved they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Hess believes this is the biggest reason that photoshoots have picked up in number, as there would usually be one or two around this time of year.

“We had a few additional shoots for special projects. It has also been so much easier to get shoots scheduled with so many willing participants,” Hess said. 

The wider lens

Students have provided positive feedback after being involved in these photoshoots, as Schenck and Hess have explained. These photoshoots and marketing projects have been in an effort to show some updates that have come to Wright State recently and keep things fresh.

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