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ISSCM Halloween party


On Oct. 31, the Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (ISSCM) club is hosting a short Halloween party. The party will be held in the Dave Lab from 5:30-6:30 p.m. There will be pizza, music, games and a fun costume contest where the winner gets a $20 gift card.

“Any kind of costume is fine, it doesn’t have to be scary,” said Kassidy Williams, president of ISSCM. “So, I’m going to take pictures of everybody that shows up in a costume and then I’m going to send an email out to the MIS and Supply Chain majors and tally up their votes.” The gift card will be sent to the winner afterwards.

“I’m hoping to bring a deck of cards or UNO too,” said Williams. “I found in the past that in an hour-long event, by the time everyone gets in and we talk a little bit and eat some pizza, we never even play games.” Since the event is only an hour, it’s perfect for mingling with new people and enjoying some free food without disrupting your schedule. The costume contest, however, is the main event of the party.

ISSCM is hosting this Halloween party as a part of the Passport to Success program; it is a program launched by the Raj Soin College of Business meant to encourage students to participate in business college events. These events include workshops, game nights, guest speaker events and so on.

In order to keep track of upcoming events or mark events on your calendar, students can download the Passport to Success app. For every business event you attend, you can rack up points and win awards.

This event is a great way to network and have fun at the same time; participating in business college events may not always be fun, so attend the fun ones while you can.

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