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Laker Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Christine Junker

Dr. Christine Junker, lake campus background

Dr. Christine Junker | Photo submitted by Dr. Christine Junker

Dr. Christine Junker has taught at Wright State University (WSU) for over 15 years. Junker teaches English courses at the Lake Campus and spends her time hiking and teaching yoga when she is not in the classroom. 

Early life and education 

Junker grew up in northern Michigan and attended Farris State for her undergrad. After taking one semester as a finance major, Junker changed her college course by studying English and went on to get her Ph.D. at Michigan State.  

After she received her degree, Junker was an adjunct in 2006 and later became an instructor in 2008-2009 at WSU. In 2013, Junker received a tenure track position at the Lake Campus and has taught almost all of the English courses that are offered. 

While Junker does not have one course that she enjoys the most, there is a specific aspect that makes her classes enjoyable. 

“I love teaching literature classes for the discussions. When the chemistry really works and students get along with each other and feed off each other, that makes an awesome class. I could be teaching the best content in the world, but if I had a group of people that just didn’t click with me or each other, it wouldn’t be fun,” Junker said.  

Junker outside of the classroom 

Junker is motivated by learning new things and expanding her horizons through communication with others.  

“I think I’m motivated a lot by collaborating with people and working with people. Having that exchange of ideas and conversations makes it all worthwhile. I try to create a space where people feel comfortable so that they can come up with creative ideas and try them out,” Junker said.  

When Junker is not teaching in the classroom or from home, she can be found doing home improvement projects, gardening, painting and furniture refinishing.  

Junker has two daughters that have helped shape the world around her. One of the main lessons she has learned is letting things take their course in life and being okay with change.  

“I want to be with the people I love and see the things that I love. When I teach about love, I see this Hallmark version of it and it’s way more complicated than that. It drives us to do all sorts of crazy things, but we also have to have space for it, which a lot of people don’t necessarily have,” Junker said.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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