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Local eateries recovering from coronavirus effects

Lake campus | Photo by Shannon McCabe | The Wright State Guardian

Businesses around the Lake Campus area are starting to open up for customers to enjoy a meal after months of being either closed or offering only drive-through options. Local businesses had to make changes to handle the unique situation.

Changes because of coronavirus

Because of coronavirus, many businesses such as McSober’s Saloon, The Grill on Main, C-Town Wings, La Caretta and Rice Bowl have all had to close their dining-in options. Most places were able to continue business through drive-through ordering and pickup.

However, some places, like Rice Bowl, closed their doors completely and only recently were in a position to start pickup ordering again.

“We did not want to put our wonderful customers and our kids at risk, so we decided to temporarily close our restaurant,” said Ping Wang, owner of Rice Bowl. “We care, so we are staying home.”

Rice Bowl is located in Coldwater, Ohio at 102 W. Main St. They are also found on Facebook by the same name and are open for pickup.

Extra measures

“We acted quickly in creating our new McSober’s drive-thru for food pickup,” said Mike Moorman, owner of McSober’s Saloon located in Coldwater. “It was a major change not having our sports and weekend entertainment, but we did create positives to better our business for the future.”

Other businesses have taken different approaches to how their pickup system works.

“We were prepared with plexiglass door, a payment window [and] a pickup window with no contact,” said Wang.

Information gathering for businesses

“So much depends on where you get your information,” said Pat Rosenbeck, owner of The Grill on Main located in Coldwater.

Most of the businesses have kept updated on changes by listening to Governor Mike DeWine during the week. Several are in contact with Michelle Kimmel, Mercer County Health Inspector, and also visit the Ohio Restaurant Association Website.

Community support

According to all of the businesses, the community support has been astounding.

“We get so many encouraging words and posts on Facebook of people saying they’ll always support us,” said Roberts.

However, nothing is exactly perfect.

“The community has been wonderful, but a small community cannot support all of the small businesses alone. Our sales are down 60%, which means we’re losing money,” said Rosenbeck.

Events and specials

Restaurants have been trying to promote business by holding specials to encourage people to order out and possibly eat in.

“We want people to know that we’ll do everything we can to take care of them and keep them safe while they dine with us,” said Roberts of C-Town.

The Grill on Main still holds the title for the largest selection of fresh seafood in Ohio. Their hours have changed, but they still have their house created Tennessee chicken available for pick up and dine in.