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Main Campus Experiences Tunnel System Updates

Wright State University Tunnels | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University Tunnels | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Sections of the Dayton Campus tunnel system closed during summer term due to maintenance and repair with access to the Hamilton Hall tunnel being reopened.

Summer Repairs

WSU facilities and maintenance is working to improve the tunnel systems on the main campus. This includes standard maintenance, along with larger projects. 

According to Javan Conley,  associate vice president for facilities operations, general repairs are being done to waterproof the tunnels and prevent water leaks. 

Sections that are being worked on will be fenced and closed off to the public as the tunnels undergo both external and internal repairs. 

Portions of the tunnel system under Dunbar Library and the Creative Arts Center closed on June 15 and will reopen on  August 21, as explained in a campus-wide communication. 

Structural Improvement

One of the larger projects this summer is the structural improvement of the tunnel between Rike Hall and University Hall. 

“The space above that tunnel is a main access point for heavy equipment and other apparatus that can be needed on campus at various times,” Conley wrote.

Conley maintains that the current structure is not damaged but that improvements can be made to assist facilities. 

Hamilton Hall 

Another improvement occurring this summer involves reopening the existing tunnel between Hamilton Hall and the Student Union. 

This project was introduced during the June 16, board of trustees finance meeting. The tunnel has been closed for more than two decades due to persistent water leaks, according to Conley.

The university plans to waterproof the area, allowing those living in Hamilton Hall access to the Student Union without leaving the tunnel system.

These projects began in the summer term and are anticipated to be completed by the beginning of fall semester.

Emily Lewis

Managing Editor, Digital Content & Sales