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Man shot on I-75

On Easter Sunday 2018, a man was shot driving northbound on I-75 while he was on his way to an Easter event. Dayton Daily News first reported the incident, which occurred around 11:45 this morning.

The man was driving to his destination when he slowed down due to the traffic in front of him. It was then that a man in a van pulled out a gun and fired at him, hitting him in the head. The shooter then took the exit at Edwin C. Moses Boulevard, according to DDN.

The man drove about ten minutes to a friends house where he was then brought to Good Samaritan North ER in Englewood, before being transported to Miami Valley Hospital in downtown Dayton. He is expected to recover, according to DDN.

A police report was filed with Dayton police, where witnesses confirmed the shooting on I-75. The witnesses also confirmed it seemed to be a “road rage incident” according to the DDN article.

Police are still on the lookout for the shooter. The vehicle was described as a “light blue Honda minivan” by one of the witnesses. Anyone who has any information on the incident is encouraged to call Dayton police.