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Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams celebrate their seniors

Nutter Center gym | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Nutter Center gym | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

As the basketball season is coming to a close, both teams have taken the time to honor their seniors in the last few home games.

Women’s Basketball

On Saturday afternoon, the women defeated UIC 79-55, adding another win to their record while raising awareness for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

It was a special win for the three seniors: Jalise Beck, Teneshia Dixon and Michal Miller.

Jalise Beck

A guard for WSU, Beck has been a faithful player on the team from her freshman year all the way to her senior year.

Teneshia Dixon

A 6’ 1” forward, Dixon started playing for Wright State in 2017 and has stayed on the team since.

She has a game high of 10 points which she earned in the game against UIC earlier this month.

Michal Miller

A leading scorer for the Raiders, Miller is going to be difficult to replace next year.

After playing her freshman year at Arizona State and transferring to Trinity Valley for her sophomore year, Miller finally ended up at WSU where she has stayed to finish out her senior year.

With a game high of 24 points, Miller is competing with her record last year of 11.6 points per game on average.

Men’s Basketball

Last Sunday, the men celebrated their seniors with a win over IUPUI of 106-66 while honoring Ryan Custer in senior ceremonies and as Player of the Game.

Center Loudon Love wore Custer’s jersey, number 33, scoring 18 points for the Raiders.

Through “Dear Wright State” videos, the seniors expressed thanks to WSU, the coaches, staff, teammates and fans for all the support.

Jordan Ash

“Although our time together has been short, I want to thank you for making me feel at home and a part of the family since day one,” said Ash.

Ash played most of his college career at Northwestern University until 2019 when he transferred to Wright State for his senior year.

While at WSU, Ash has played as a guard with game-high points at 11 against Mississippi Valley State.

Bill Wampler

A leader on and off the court, Wampler has been a leading scorer since he joined the Raiders his junior year after transferring from Drake University.

“I came in alone not knowing anyone or what to expect, and I left with a second family,” said Wampler. “You’ve given me the opportunity to grow from a boy to a man.”

Recently gaining attention for his advocacy for athletes to speak up against mental health, Wampler has opened up about his struggles and has grown incredibly while playing for WSU.

Cole Gentry

“The last few years have been incredible and I can’t imagine playing anywhere else,” said Gentry.

Transferring from South Dakota State in 2017, Gentry has been with WSU ever since and has proved to be a vital asset to the team.

With game-high minutes at 41 and points at 21, Gentry has continued to be a reliable teammate and leader for the Raiders.

Ryan Custer

Now a senior, Custer last played on the court for the Raiders in 2016 before suffering from an accident that left him unable to walk.

Despite this, Custer has remained a part of the Raider family and always will.

“You guys continued to treat me like I was part of the team and that has helped me more than you will ever know,” said Custer. “I love you guys like family.”

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