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Men’s Soccer Spotlight: Stefan Rokvic

Stefan Rokvic | Photo by Scott McNitt

Stefan Rokvic | Photo by Scott McNitt

“Soccer runs through the bloodline,” said Stefan Rokvic, Men’s Soccer player for Wright State University.

Both of Rokvic’s uncles played professionally and his grandfather was a coach for the Yugoslavian National Team during the 1962 World Cup when they finished fourth. Growing up, he was coached by his father, a successful player and coach.

Rokvic, 9, plays center forward/striker. He had eight goals his sophomore season, 10 goals his junior season, was Second-Team All-Conference both of those years and was Top Drawer Team of the Week his junior year. He is now in his senior season.

According to, Rokvic has six goals so far this season.

Rokvic listens only to Serbian music, as it is his first language. His family would not allow English to be spoken, so he spoke solely Serbian until kindergarten.

Rokvic’s family originates from Drvar, Bosnia, but he was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Before every game, Rokvic listens to the same two songs: “Pukni Zoro,” sang by Crvena Zvezda fans before their championships league match, and “Lopov,” because it reminds him of singing it with his grandfather.

“I started playing soccer as early as I can remember,” said Rokvic. “I have seen video from when I was very young and I always had a ball with me.”

After speaking with Wright State’s coaching staff, Rokvic knew this is where he wanted to go; he felt the coaches truly believed in him.

Since coming to Wright State, Rokvic has struggled with being away from his family and friends.

“The hardest thing to adjust to is not seeing your family and friends for most of the year,” said Rokvic.

After graduation, Rokvic plans to continue playing soccer, as soccer has been his passion since childhood.

Rokvic encourages fans to attend the games because more people means the team has more energy and “it is always nice to have some noise.”

Rokvic chose a Management major due to the numerous roads that it can take him down. Someday, he would like to be involved in sports management.