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Midterm Grades Survey Feedback

Student Success Services | Photo by Shaddia Qasem | The Wright State Guardian

Student Success Services | Photo by Shaddia Qasem | The Wright State Guardian

This semester, faculty at Wright State University had the option of submitting midterm grades for students to view. Here are some opinions from the campus community about this progress update.

Faculty submit midterm grades

With support from the Student Government Association in resolution 23-2 and a recommendation from Provost Dr. Amy Thompson, faculty members began to voluntarily post midterm grades for students to observe.

Dr. Patricia Schiml, a psychology professor, was one such volunteer. Schiml was more than willing to take on additional work for the sake of student success.

“While there is a bit of work involved with calculating and posting these grades, I was happy to do so because it provided students with important feedback,” Schiml said.

Schiml acknowledged that faculty with a broader number of students over multiple sections may have to dedicate more time to calculating grades. Faculty senate President Dr. Brian Boyd agrees that larger class sizes might mean larger workloads for teachers submitting midterm grades. 

Dr. Angela Johnson also submitted midterm grades. From Johnson’s point-of-view, submitting midterm grades is a helpful way for students to know how a class is going.

“I think this is a very good idea that should help students be very clear on their grades in their courses,” Johnson said. 

Associate Vice Provost Tim Littell provided some of the major takeaways from this first semester trial run of midterm grade submissions.

“It really does come back to a great demonstration of the relationships that our students and our faculty have formed that are really laser focused on student success,” Littell said. 

Students weigh in

Graduate English majors Arwa Alqahtani, Aisha Idrees and Abi Bond all received at least one midterm grade; each student agreed that knowing grades at the midway point was beneficial.

“To have the actual grade gives students a lot of insight as to their progress and where they might need to improve or where they’re doing well already,” Bond said.

Alqahtani mentioned the helpfulness of knowing grades and class growth. 

“I like to know my progress so I can do more and work more on my assignments and my classes,” Alqahtani said.

Idrees spoke about the value of having this information. 

“I think that if teachers posted the midterm grades, that would be better so that I can see what I’m doing,” Idrees said. 

Students can find more information about midterm grading through the registrar’s office website

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