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Miracle Makers Delivers Over 150 Grilled Cheese Orders to Benefit Dayton Children’s

Grilled cheese cooking

Grilled Cheese Hotline | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s (WSU) Miracle Makers brought food and a feeling of comfort with their annual Grilled Cheese Hotline on Nov. 30.

Grilled Cheese Hotline

The Grilled Cheese Hotline is an event hosted by Miracle Makers since 2017. Held during the week before finals, it fulfills the dual purpose of bringing comfort food to WSU students and raising money for the kids at Dayton Children’s Hospital. 

Danielle Dargan, freshman and Miracle Makers’ chair for production, was excited for her first time experiencing the event. 

“It was super fun. A lot of people helped out and I had friends that helped out. And I liked that if you need that quick little snack or meal we got you,” Dargan said. 

Dargan, like the other Miracle Maker members, worked on assembling grilled cheese sandwiches, delivering them and making TikToks to promote the event. 

Miracle Makers’ members sell grilled cheese sandwiches for $1 and tomato soup for 50 cents to students on campus. 

The money raised is donated directly to Dayton Children’s. 

“Dayton Children’s goes the extra mile to make sure that babies and young kids are healthy and happy. Kids can’t wait to get access to lifesaving care. They need it now, and our organization makes that possible,” Abby Adams, Management major and President of Miracle Makers, said, quoting the organization’s slogan of “kids can’t wait.”

Students making grilled cheese
Grilled Cheese Hotline | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

History and impact

The slogan “kids can’t wait” encompasses a large part of why the Grilled Cheese Hotline is important. 

“It’s important to give back because for children who have diseases, they can’t wait for those treatments or care. Grilled Cheese Hotline may be a small event but it helps in a really big way and it can also lead to a large impact,” Dargan said.  

This year, Miracle Makers was able to give back to Dayton Children’s with a donation of over $850, a hundred dollars more than their original goal. 

They were also able to give back to the WSU community, delivering over 150 orders of grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

“Finals week is always really stressful and it was nice to not worry about making food,” student Teresa Paul said. 

Miracle Makers will have their upcoming event, Raiderthon on April 9. Raiderthon is a 12-hour dance marathon with music, games, food and visits from Miracle Kids from Dayton Children’s. Students can sign up at Raiderthon.