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Music Review: Lonely Generation by Echosmith

The sophomore studio album from indie-pop trio Echosmith, “Lonely Generation,” was released on Jan. 10.

Preceded by the release of two singles, “Shut Up and Kiss Me” and the title track, “Lonely Generation,” is Echosmith’s story about love in the digital age and how humanity is more connected than ever due to technology; but at the same time, less than ever due to our dependence on it.

This is an enjoyable pop album that plays it safe but doesn’t pull itself into a monotonous drag, leading to a cohesive and fun listening experience.


1. “Scared To Be Alone”

With a pleasant riff and steady percussion, Echosmith croons about anxiety and dealing with the fear of loneliness. The result is a catchy tune that will leave you bobbing your head to the rhythm.

2. “Cracked”

The bass guitar and keyboards shine on “Cracked,” a funky track that shows off the group’s vocal and lyrical evolution.

3. “Follow You”

A sweet acoustic ballad about falling in love, “Follow You” swells with a constant ambience but doesn’t get louder than it needs to be, keeping a solid tone throughout.


Echosmith was formed in 2009 in Chino, California as a quartet of siblings with the name Ready, Set, Go.

The original lineup of the band consisted of Sydney Quiseng and her siblings Graham, Noah and Jamie Sierota. Signing with Warner Bros. Records in May 2012, the band took on the Echosmith moniker and released their debut extended play, “Summer Sampler,” in June 2013.

Shortly after this, the band debuted their album “Talking Dreams” to the public.

It received mixed reception from critics, with many criticizing the lack of originality on the record.

A new EP with acoustic versions of four songs from “Talking Dreams” was released a year later.

Jamie Sierota left the band in 2016 to focus on fatherhood and the band released two more extended plays before “Lonely Generation:” “Inside A Dream” and “An Echosmith Christmas.”

There’s not a lot of negative feedback that I can give about this album. Echosmith has shown noticeable maturity in both their songwriting and their melodies, creating catchy pop songs that will be reluctant to leave the listener’s head. If you like alternative pop music that strays from what’s currently on the radio while still dealing with love and other issues plaguing our lonely generation, definitely check this album out.

Maxwell Patton

Wright Life Reporter

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