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My Hero Academia: The best quirks for cooking gourmet meals

My Hero Academia

For anime fans, this fall brings with it the fourth season of “My Hero Academia,” adapted from the manga “Boku No Hero Academia” by Kohei Horikoshi.

It is a show that follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya and his hopes to become the number one pro hero. Following the events of season three that saw the hero society of the show changed forever, Midoriya and company seem poised to complete a new mission with similar consequences in season four.

With the series’ impending return, I thought it would be fun to create my own mission for some of the characters appearing on the show.

Here’s the scenario: a new café has opened near the giant H-shaped U.A. High School and Kota, a young boy who first appeared in season three of the anime, is standing outside complaining that he needs a good meal quickly or else he will ‘starve.’ He’s also demanding that the food be gourmet level ‘at least.’

The question is: who of the students in Class 1-A (if asked to help, being that they’re so close by) would be best equipped to make said meal for Kota in the most efficient way possible? I’m glad you asked.

1. Momo Yaoyorozu: A student who was admitted into U.A. High School on special recommendation, Yaoyorozu’s ‘creation’ quirk allows her to make anything from her body as long as it is inanimate. With that in mind, it’s possible that she could go so far as to create said meal herself. Given the gross nature of this act though, let’s just say she created the utensils needed for cooking purposes.

2. Shoto Todoroki: Another student who was accepted into U.A. on recommendation, Todoroki’s use of his ‘half and half, fire and ice’ quirk means that the notion of pre-heating the oven takes on a new meaning.

3. Tenya Ida: As the class president of class 1-A and the owner of a super-speed quirk known as ‘Engine,’ Ida’s responsible nature and speed would allow him to cook the meal in the quickest amount of time.

4. Mezo Shoji: While underrated in the anime, Mezo Shoji’s ‘dupli arms’ would allow him to carry a multi-course meal with absolute ease.

5. Izuku Midoriya: The main character of the show and the owner of the powerful ‘one-for-all’ quirk, Midoriya’s quirk would be rather useless here. However, his kind, heroic and selfless attitude would make him the perfect candidate for best-waiter status. I mean talk about good customer service.

“My Hero Academia” season four debuts on Oct. 12 on various streaming platforms, my personal choice being “Crunchyroll.”

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