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My Pets Rank Thanksgiving Food

Pets x Thanksgiving Food | Graphic by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

Judged by my five pets, which pet-safe Thanksgiving food will reign supreme?

Introduction and the panel of judges

It was only fair that my family’s two dogs and three cats got a taste of the Thanksgiving feast. This Thanksgiving, my pets ranked five Thanksgiving foods by their satisfaction. 

Born on Valentine’s Day but definitely no lover, Daisy is the golden retriever. The youngest of the group at just one year old is Daisy Mae (aka the Antichrist, Ankle Biter, Daisy Baby) who is known for causing mischief and eating shoes. I assumed she would not be too picky.

Callie the calico cat, however, just might well be. Despite her kitten-like looks, she turned 12 years old in March of this year. Callie (aka Callie-Waly, the Patronus, Little Baby) has a penchant for both pickiness and picking a fight with her sister, Snowflake.

Snowflake, another of the three cats, may be deaf, but her sense of taste is thankfully intact. Just six years younger than myself, Snowflake (aka Snowflakey, Motorboat, Chunky Baby) is the oldest of the bunch at 14 years old.

Another one in the elderly gang is a 13-year-old golden retriever fittingly named Sunshine. Sunshine’s (aka Sunny, the OG, Sweet Baby) greatest accomplishment is stealing an entire Uno’s pizza and living to tell the tale.

And last but not skinniest, Buckeye is the fluffiest cat you may have ever laid eyes on. Also 13 years old, Buckeye (aka Lord Flofferton, His Fatness, Chunky Boi) is best known for escaping and falling into the neighborhood’s sewer system.

With introductions out of the way, time to rank some food!

Food #1: Mashed Potatoes, 4/5

Mashed potatoes were a solid no from Buckeye and worthy of a few licks from Callie and Snowflake. Sunshine and Daisy were just happy to be given food.

Food #2: Sweet Potatoes, 3/5

Like before, Daisy and Sunshine were not playing with their food. With a little convincing, Snowflake warmed up to the potatoes. Callie and Buckeye were solidly not fans.

Food #3: Rolls, 2/5

Rolls did not go down well in the cat queendom, with all of the cats refusing the bread. But, as usual, the dogs did not care.

Food #4: Corn, 4/5

Normally not fans of vegetables, both Sunshine and Daisy gave corn a shot. Buckeye was the only cat to turn his nose up at the vegetable.

Food #5: Turkey, 5/5

The solid winner of this competition is turkey. Not only did all of our judges eat it, but they often went for it first.

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