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News Roundup: Week of Sept. 26

Student Union Market | Photo by Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian

From local happenings to national topics and global events, here is the news worth knowing for the week of Sept. 26, 2022. 


Grants to first responders

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine granted $7.7 million to first responder agencies. According to DeWine’s statement, the idea of granting this funding is to help understanding and recruitment at first responder agencies. 

The first 20 counties will receive this grant funding. DeWine has also funded 46 Ohio agencies as part of the new Ohio First Responder Recruitment, Retention, and Resilience Program. 

The program is for initiatives that support wellness programs which address mental, physical and emotional health. It also helps with retention and recruitment efforts and covers costs for onboarding and training. Additionally the program assists with engaging young adults in first responder careers.


Tropical storms

A number of tropical storms are active in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans, according to the National Hurricane Center

Post-Tropical Cyclone Fiona is now approaching the eastern part of Canada, while Tropical Storm Ian is strengthening in the central Caribbean. Two other storms are further out in the Atlantic, and one is weakening in the Eastern Pacific. 

Tropical Storm Ian’s current projected path is set to cause severe winds throughout Florida and parts of the South. 

Florida Gov. Rob DeSantis declared a State of Emergency for 24 Florida counties in Ian’s path. 

DeSantis also requested a federal pre-landfall Emergency Declaration, according to a news release. An Emergency Declaration would make resources available after the storm hits, and activate the Florida National Guard. 

“This storm has the potential to strengthen into a major hurricane and we encourage all Floridians to make their preparations,” DeSantis said in a press release. 


Protests in Iran

In a press release published on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, the United States Department of the Treasury authorized a General License D-2 to Iran in an effort to aid in the country’s internet sovereignty. 

This act follows the protests that have been ensuing in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini, and the efforts of the Iranian government to quell them. 

According to the non-profit Human Rights Watch, Amini was detained by Iran’s “morality police”, which enforces the nation’s public dress standards on Sept. 14 for violation of supposed violation of the nation’s policies. The young woman had a medical emergency while in custody and passed on Sept. 16.

“While Iran’s government is cutting off its people’s access to the global internet, the United States is taking action to support the free flow of information and access to fact-based information to the Iranian people,” as was written in the release from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

According to the release, the General License D-2 will allow tech companies to provide more opportunities to access safe “outside platforms and services.”