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Nine Wright State buildings remain under construction

Wright State has been part of an ongoing construction project. The roof of Allyn Hall has been in development since Sept. 25 and will not be finished until Dec. 19.

The sidewalk and west entrance will be closed until the construction is over. Closing these areas will help protect people from any potential injuries during the construction, according to Wright State Communications.

The Campus Roof Restoration and Replacement project includes:

  • Allyn Hall
  • Creative Arts Center
  • Diggs Laboratory
  • Hamilton Hall
  • Math and Microbiology
  • Millett Hall
  • Russ Hall
  • Student Union
  • White Hall

According to the Wright State University webpage, the entirety of the project will continue until April 2020.

“The contractor on the Allyn Hall roof has numerous buildings on campus they are working on. Their overall contract goes until April 2020 in order to ensure all work is able to be completed. Keep in mind this takes in account inclement weather contingencies,” said Javan Conley, construction manager at Wright State.

Weather is a factor in progress

Some projects have already been moved due to weather and contractor progress. The dry weather in the summer helped speed the progress of the construction along and allowed many areas of the construction to get ahead of schedule during the summer, according to Conley.

“Construction from the casual observer always takes too long, right? It causes disruptions and interruptions to our daily travels,” said Conley. “We understand this perception and work diligently to ensure no unnecessary delays occur. This project is on schedule.”

The budget for the Campus Roof Restoration and Replacement project is 4.3 million. This budget is being completely funded by State Capital funds. The budget is not using any university funds for this project, according to Conley.

According to the Design and Construction page on Wright State’s website, the Design and Construction staff directory consists of:

Javan Conley, construction administrator

Chris Gremling, senior project engineer

Chris Haring, facilities planner

Chad Hinman, design and construction project manager

David Kendrick, computer systems administrator

Robert Thompson, university architect

Angie Tipton, budget and project accounts manager