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Opinion: Coffee Orders for Each Taylor Swift Album

Taylor Swift Coffee | Photo by Alexis Lewis | The Wright State Guardian

Coffee and Taylor Swift, there is no better combo. If you are ever looking for the perfect drink to match your musical or personal mood, here is a place to start with the 2019 American Music Awards Artist of the Decade. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s debut album feels like walking into a small diner after experiencing love and heartbreak, so this album’s order is a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with cream and sugar. 

The comfort of a hot cup of warmth mixed with sweetness is reminiscent of the feelings of connection and disconnection (hear “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”). 


This sophomore album includes the turning of a chapter and new experiences. From “Fifteen” to “Fearless,” Taylor encapsulates the life of a high school teen who is dealing with change (get it?), disappointment and elation. 

The order for this album is how it feels to try coffee for the first time, feeling like an adult in the real world. To be “Fearless,” order a large frappuccino. 

Speak Now

This iconic album, which features the bops “Mean,” “Sparks Fly” and “Ours,” showcases life experiences that one can only describe the record through the colors of purple and gold, reminiscent of the beautiful album cover. 

The emotionally charged songs of “Haunted,” “Last Kiss” and “Enchanted” require a comforting, reliable drink in a vanilla latte. Hot or iced, your choice. 


The warmth and youth of this album require a drink with the same flavor of adolescence. The tumultuous emotions of the complex time in one’s life is embedded within each track of the album, from “State of Grace” to “Red” to “All Too Well.”

After photographs of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift holding coffee cups in Nashville reached the public, the hidden messages behind the liner notes in this album suggest only one drink: a maple latte.


“1989” is the cool older sister album. “1989” is a synth pop reimagination of identity and creation. “1989” is that album. 

From the invigorating “Welcome to New York” down to the culminating “Clean,” this album is an interaction of life experiences that only Taylor can depict so artistically and creatively. 

Keeping in line with the initial release date in 2014, the coffee order for this dreamy, confrontational album is an iced chai latte. 


Where to begin with this album. The rage, the intensity, the revenge. The rebirth, the renewal. While grappling with the opinions of others through her life of stardom, Taylor becomes unapologetic in both her love and blazing revenge.

…Ready for it?

The order for this album is an acidic iced americano. Can you handle the bitterness?


The mystical, enchanting album that turns red to gold is the self-aware rendition of love and new beginnings. After moving on and enduring a chaotic summer, Taylor writes in a folksy manner with a poppy vibe to show both the dichotomy and connection between love and loss.

The order for this bubbly and joyous yet melancholic album is a blueberry matcha with strawberry cream cold foam. The colors, the flavor. 


This melancholic, tune-filled album spans from the magical and real with the perfect summer song in “august.” The melodic incitement of love in “invisible strings” is paralleled with the discordant “mad woman.” 

For an album that feels like emotion, relief and tenderness all at once, the coffee order must be strong with a hint of lightness: a nitro cold brew with oat milk. 


The heartbreak and the pain mixed with upbeat tunes of moving on (…and committing a crime) while remembering the past is a culmination of nostalgia and growth in Swift’s therapeutic second 2020 album. 

With slow, blissful tunes in “cowboy like me,” “willow” and “coney island,” Taylor pairs beautiful songwriting with clever composing.

This one is purely Taylor, which requires her personal order: a hot caramel latte with nonfat milk.


Through the haze of rumors and swirl of growth through fame, “Midnights” combines synthetic aspirations with hollow, heartbreaking truth through the 13 sleepless nights of the artist’s life, which listeners can relate to all too well.

The coffee order for this album has a snappy vibe mixed with a cool, refreshing sweetness. If you’re ever experiencing a sleepless midnight, an iced caramel macchiato will reawaken you. 

If you’re not feeling a caramel macchiato, grab a Lavender Haze from ReyRey Café! 

Alexis Lewis


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