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Opinion: Why You Should Still Use Tumblr

Why you should still have Tumblr

Tumblr | Photo by Wikimedia Commons| The Wright State Guardian

The dark horse of social media, Tumblr, is still going strong and is the only platform not constantly taking advantage of you to make a dollar; its primary focus is still just providing a service. 

Tumblr is still generating star content

We all know from experience how commodified the social media realm has become. It seems like everyone is trying to sell you something; every content creator is now a brand. Even when the content itself is innocuous, it is used by the hosting site as a vehicle for advertisements. 

Tumblr has remained the odd one out in this capitalism game. There are no “influencers” on Tumblr. There are no “verified” celebrity accounts. There are no in-video ads. There is just content, and good content at that. How many times have you seen screenshots of Tumblr posts on other social media sites? There’s even a Facebook page called “Best of Tumblr” that has over 400,000 likes. Why not skip the middleman–and the ads–and go straight to the source? 

No pay-to-play

How many times in the past year has one of your social media platforms asked you if you want to try some of their new paid features? It seems like everyone is doing it. For a price, you can access exclusive content or add an admission fee to your potential views to see your own content. Many people are extremely frustrated by these innovations, but Tumblr remains free of these types of gimmicks. You can post freely and access anything on the site for the simple price of your time. 

Still glitches

Nothing is perfect, and Tumblr has a few of its own issues to contend with. Bots remain rampant, despite efforts to deter them by banning “adult content.” Apple just announced that it will be heavily censoring the iOS Tumblr experience by banning certain tags. You have to weigh the pros and cons, and for many, Tumblr’s good qualities continue to outweigh the bad. 

Top blogs to follow

Tumblr has seen the rise and fall of many blogs over its history, but there are some that you can rely on to put out great content on the regular. Here are three to get you started: 

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