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Black Men on the Move holding elections, adding new positions

Black Men on the Move | Photo provided by Kevin Jones

Black Men on the Move | Photo provided by Kevin Jones

Black Men on the Move is currently holding elections for the upcoming academic year. Along with adding a new position with the current election, the organization has several goals for this semester to improve their connection with students across campus.

New position and current election

Black Men on the Move will be holding their annual elections until March of this semester. All positions are up for election including the president.

The group has added a new position to assist the president with administration duties.

“We have all the same positions [up for election]. There is one new position that we created which basically is assistant president when handling things with the administration. We are still [holding] elections, but I think we might have an idea of who the incoming president will be,” said current President Kevin Jones.

Hopes for upcoming years

The group hopes to continue their work on their project, Retain the 9, as well as draw in more student engagement across campus.

The Black Student Union and Black Men on the Move would like to work together in the upcoming semester to generate more collaborations with multicultural organizations on campus.

“As far as the Black Student Union goes, in the years to come we would like to see more of the multicultural organizations create a lane for students that are minorities to sector off into the university,” said Da’von Hicks, current sitting vice president of the Black Student Union. “[Also,] more collaborations so we can have a widespread message because a lot of times we will have certain events with themes that are for awareness but we don’t have the audience that actually needs to hear those things.”


Black Men on the Move started at Wright State in 1985 and works to strengthen the relationship between black men and the rest of campus. The Damon Bell Memorial Leadership Scholarship was started by Black Men on the Move and awards African American students who show academic integrity and leadership qualities.

Because of the group’s long and important history, current members feel that it is important to keep the group alive.

“It was sort of a joint thing [between him and Jones] to [continue] an organization that has so much history because we didn’t want it to just fall,” current Vice President Malcolm Wilford said about joining the group in 2017.

What students should know

Black Men on the Move welcomes any student that holds the group’s values and wishes to aid the group in their mission.

“Students should know that it is not limited to any specific gender and it’s not limited to any specific race. Our focus is to strengthen the relationship between black men and Wright State University. Whoever agrees with that agenda and believes that they can add to the organization’s structure and enforcement of that, we want you,” said Wilford.

Students who wish to join can apply through the group’s Engage page where they will also find a copy of the group’s constitution.

Current elections for the next school year will be continuing until March of this semester.