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Outdoor Recreation Keeping Students Engaged and Safe

Alumni Tower | Photo by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

As the Student Union provides opportunities for students to exercise indoors, the Outdoor Recreation staff has unveiled a wide variety of activities available throughout the week for students to keep themselves moving. 

Group Fitness Courses 

Monday Sep. 14 through Friday Oct. 30, outdoor fitness classes will be offered on the Student Union patio every week. These courses include yoga, SWERK, Zumba, and circuits.  

“These classes, as of now, until Oct. 1, are also free for staff and faculty,” said Program Manager of Fitness & Wellness Kara Donbrock. “Registration opens a week before each class at noon [on IMleagues].”  

In addition to the outdoor group courses, there are also weekly virtual group fitness classes being offered on WebEx until Nov. 13. Information on these offerings can also be found on IMleagues.  

There is also a temporary new disc golf course entitled Rowdy Acres that covers Lot 1 to Lot 9 that any student can partake in. 

Outdoor Recreation 

Beginning Sep. 9., the Outdoor Recreation staff is providing opportunities for students to keep themselves moving while experiencing the beauty of local nature.  

“Usually our programs involve going a good distance like to Kentucky or Florida in which we cram ten to twelve students and their gear [into a van],” said logistician manager Paul Casper. “We can no longer offer transportation, so we opted into using what trails we had at the university and what Eastwood Metropark has to offer in trails.”  

There are five different teams within Outdoor Recreation that are meeting at least once a week at various sites on or near campus: Biking, Kayaking, Running, Walking & Hiking and Yoga.  

“We wanted to provide an opportunity that was away from the classroom that felt more low risk and safer to be outdoors,” said Outdoor Recreation Program Manager Erin Sherrets, “and we also have a mask requirement, which sometimes feels silly because we are outside and the research that we’ve seen so far says that the risk for transmission is a lot lower outdoors, but we want to be as safe as possible, and keep everyone as safe as we can.” 

All programs are limited to eight people per session and sign-ups are available on IMleagues. For those who want to be involved in Outdoor Recreation and want to meet people with similar interests, each team also has a Discord server where upcoming events and related topics can be discussed.