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‘Pink Out Week’ with Bombball

Bombball | Photo by Milo Simpson

Bombball is collaborating with Wright State’s Relay for Life on Oct. 10 to raise money and awareness during Relay for Life’s “Pink Out Week.”

“I know many Raiders have been personally impacted by breast and other various forms of cancer,” said Hannah Vanek, treasurer of Bombball Club. “This event can help others become aware of the ways we as college students can help.”

Vanek has been playing bombball for two years.

The tournament will be held on The Woods volleyball court and will be $4 per player.

Milo Simpson, president of bombball, and Jefferey Shehee, president of the Wright State Chapter of Relay for Life, worked together to make this event possible.

“Jefferey and I were talking and it just made sense, if we can raise money for Relay for Life and at the same time have fun playing bombball then why not,” said Simpson. “Bombball at its core is more than just playing a game. It’s bringing people together, getting people to know each other. And if we can raise money at the same time for a good cause, it’s the perfect plan.”

According to Shehee, the Relay for Life team has a goal of raising a total of $500 from the event.

Simpson agreed that the event would be a great way to raise breast cancer awareness and also expressed excitement for the opportunity to promote bombball, which gives students a chance to have fun for a good cause.

“When presented with the idea of a pink-out breast cancer tournament, many students were immediately engaged in the idea,” said Shehee.

The bombball community currently consists of about 200 people and is in the process of becoming a student organization. The numbers continue to grow and many students have found a second family in the campus sport.

“I love that we are getting the chance to collaborate with Relay for Life as one of our first events as an organization on campus. I’m excited to see the growth of bombball and share it with our Raider community,” said Vanek.

Everyone can participate in bombball and intramurals are now open. Simpson encourages everyone to make an intramural team for tournaments and join the fun.

“It’s a good time to just pick up the ball and throw it around and you make a lot of friends,” said Simpson. “Even if you’re not playing the game, people will sit on the sidelines and cheer you on, you can sit and talk to them when you’re out. I’ve definitely met a lot of new people in bombball, And I think that makes me the happiest of all, just all the connections I’ve made.”

Simpson also expressed the desire to continue hosting events like this one. “We definitely want to partner with people because it brings in more people and we can do a lot more than what we could do by ourselves,” he said.