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Poetry for All Moods

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From adventure to joy and sadness, words can take readers on a journey. Here are some famous poems to inspire readers to embrace the mood. 

When you’re feeling adventurous

“Become a Waterfall” by Christi Steyn

“Become a Waterfall” by Christi Steyn makes readers want to go out and seek the adventures out there. Steyn shares poems on TikTok and recently released a poetry book called “What the moon gave her.” 

“The Road not Taken” by Robert Frost

The American poet was born in 1874 and went on to win four Pulitzer prizes for his poetry. 

“Song of the Open Road” by Walt Witman

Known as “America’s world poet,” by the Poetry Foundation, Whitman is seen as one of the significant 19th century poets. 

When you’re feeling melancholy

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

The New York Times best-selling author wrote and illustrated this book of poetry and has two other poetry books as well. 

It was not Death, for I stood up” by Emily Dickinson

According to the Poetry Foundation, Dickinson is one of America’s greatest and original poets of all time.  

Sadness” by Erin Hanson

Hanson is also a contemporary artist that creates paintings in the style of “Open Impression.” 

Ode on Melancholy” by John Keats

Despite only publishing 54 poems, the Poetry Foundation still regards Keats as the “most remarkable career of any English poet.”

When you’re in love

“Love and Friendship” by Emily Brontë

Brontë is widely known for the book “Wuthering Heights.” 

“[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]” and “[love is more thicker than forget]” by E. E. Cummings

Known as one of the most innovative poets of the time, Cummings used a personal, non-traditional style throughout his poems. 

“Flirtation,” and “Heart to Heart” by Rita Dove

Dove is a recipient of the 2022 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize and won a Pulitzer Prize. 

When you need a “pick-me-up”

Morgan Harper Nichols’ poems

Morgan Harper Nichols has a wide variety of poems meshed with art that uplift and inspire. The

multidisciplinary artist even has a podcast called “The Morgan Harper Nichols Show.” 

“New Every Morning” by Susan Coolidge

Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (1835-1905) was a children’s author who wrote under the pen name of “Susan Coolidge.”

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