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Pride Month: WSU and Beyond

Rainbow Alliance Drag Show | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

The Wright State and Dayton LGBTQA+ community come together to spread awareness, create connection and educate others. Here are some resources for the LGBTQA+ community followed by a compilation of stories that highlight Rainbow Alliance events and Dayton-based initiatives.

June is Pride Month

According to the Library of Congress, Pride Month honors the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, NY. 

Over a six-day period, LGBTQA+ members rebelled against police forces and changed the course of activism and Pride traditions, with new organizations, including Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, Queens Liberation Front and Gay Activists Alliance, forming after the June rebellion. 


Greater Dayton LGBT Center

This center provides services and safe spaces for gender and sexual minorities in the area, according to the organization’s website. With health and wellness, community, culture and advocacy initiatives, the Greater Dayton LGBT Center provides resources that supply healthy and safe opportunities for the LGBTQA+ community.

The center is located at 136 North St. Clair Street in Dayton.

Dayton and Montgomery County Public Health

As the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Health official website reads, healthcare providers in the LGBTQ Health Initiatives group address gaps in comprehensive care, empower knowledge about LGBTQA+ health concerns and create policy to eliminate disparities in healthcare. 

The public health office is located at 117 South Main Street in Dayton.

LGBTQA+ Center at WSU

The LGBTQA+ Center advocates for inclusive institutional practices while providing educational programs and safe spaces for the community on campus, according to the center’s website.

With allyship and scholarship opportunities, as well as the student organization Rainbow Alliance, the LGBTQA+ community on campus provides programs and opportunities for engagement.

LGBTQIA+ community voices at WSU and in Dayton

HEARTSIQ Creates Visibility for LGBTQA+ Community in Dayton | Eamon Baird

Ky Totten’s experience at an LGBTQA+ Pride event at Dayton’s Yellow Cab Tavern in June 2022 sparked an idea to create a space to celebrate the queer community.

Rainbow Alliance Drag Show Raises Money and Social Awareness | Elayna Storts

Rainbow Alliance, a club for LGBTQA+ students on Wright State University’s campus, hosted a drag show where attendees spoke about current anti-LGBTQA+ legislation. 

Rainbow Alliance: Celebrating Success and Jumping Hurdles | Tobi Brun

Rainbow Alliance, a student-run organization, works tirelessly to achieve their goals despite certain incidences of pushback from administration and community members.

What PRIDE means to Rainbow Alliance | Makenzie Hoeferlin

Rainbow Alliance is a student organization on campus dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQA+ people and the discussion of queer issues. 

Organization Spotlight: Rainbow Alliance | Shaddia Qasem

One of the best things about being in college is the possibilities and opportunities offered to students. Among the many great organizations on Wright State’s campus that support its members and gives them a place to be themselves is Rainbow Alliance.

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